flic-, flig-

(Latin: strike, to strike down; to destroy, dashed down, damaged, destroyed)

inflictable (adjective), more inflictable, most inflictable
inflicted (adjective), more inflicted, most inflicted
inflicter, inflictor (s) (noun); inflicters, inflictors (pl)
infliction (s) (noun), inflictions (pl)
inflictive (adjective), more inflictive, most inflictive
profligacy (s) (noun), profligacies (pl)
profligate (s) (noun), profligates (pl)
An individual who always acts in a dissipated or wildly extravagant manner: Ted was a profligate and his wife had trouble getting enough money to feed the two children and provide them with other necessities .
profligate (adjective), more profligate, most profligate
1. Referring to being extremely wasteful or extravagant: After winning over a million dollars in the lottery and wanting to flaunt his money, Jade decided to quit his job and have big parties with his friends and acquaintances quite often. This profligate lifestyle didn’t last very long and so he ended up being even poorer than he was before!
2. Characterized by being shockingly debauched or unprincipled: Some rich and famous people are quite profligate by having no limits in their daily lives shown by their consumption of drugs, profuse drinking habits, buying expensive cars, living in luxurious homes, etc.
Extremely wasteful and extravagant.
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Descriptive of over spending.
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profligately (adverb), more profligately, most profligately
profligateness (s) (noun) (no plural)
profligation (s) (noun), profligations (pl)
self inflicted, self-inflicted (adjective); more self inflicted, more self-inflicted; most self inflicted, most self-inflicted
self infliction, self-infliction (s) (noun); self inflictions, self-inflictions (pl)