-fend, fend-, fen-

(Latin: ward off, to ward off, strike, keep off, guard, protect; from fendere [found only in compounded words])

Audemus jura nostra defendere. (motto)
Translation: "We dare defend or maintain our rights."

State motto of Alabama, U.S.A. This may be calling attention to the state's dedication to protecting its rights against infringement by the federal government.

codefendant, co-defendant (s) (noun), codefendants, co-defendants (pl)
A person or entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution who has been joined together with one or more other individuals, a company, or an institution accused in a court of law: The evidence found in Herald's home that validated his guilt of a crime was an address book with many names, including those of the codefendants in the case.
counteroffensive (s) (noun), counteroffensives (pl)
defence (s) (noun), defences (pl)
British spelling of defense: The act of protecting someone or something against attack or injury.
defenceless (adjective), more defenceless, most defenceless
British spelling of defenseless.
defencelessly (adverb), more defencelessly, most defencelessly
Primarily a British spelling of defenselessly.
defend (verb), defends; defended, defending
defendant (s) (noun), defendants (pl)
defender (s) (noun), defenders (pl)
defense (s) (noun), defenses (pl)
defenseless (adjective), more defenseless, most defenseless
Lacking or without support or protection.
defenselessly (adverb), more defenselessly, most defenselessly
defensibility (s) (noun), defensibilties (pl)
defensible (adjective), more defensible, most defensible
defensibly (adverb), more defensibly, most defensibly