fac-, facil-, fact-, feas-, -feat, -fect, -feit, -facient, -faction, -fic-, -fy, -ficate, -fication

(Latin: to make, to do, to build, to cause, to produce; forming, shaping)

magnificent (adjective); more magnificent, most magnificent
1. A reference to an immaterial thing which is imposing, exalted, sublime: While making plans for the project, Bruce had a magnificent and brilliant idea which all of those present really liked!
2. A reference to a person, personal attribute, etc.; characterized by greatness of achievement or by conduct befitting a high position: The term Magnificent (from post-classical Latin magnificus) was used in titles to designate a particular distinguished ruler or any other distinguished person, for example Lorenzo the Magnificent.
3. Characterizing a person with grandeur and stateliness who displays wealth with ceremonial pomp: Mary's magnificent aunt was very well-to-do and affluent and had big parties for her relatives and friends with an orchestra, fantastic food, and professional entertainment for her guests.
4. Sumptuously constructed or decorated; also imposingly beautiful and splendid: The villa that Jane's friend bought was absolutely magnificent, with a beautiful and well-kept garden and a large swimming pool, and inside it was elegantly and strikingly furnished.
5. Characterized by expenditure or munificence on a great scale; extremely lavish: Grace's father won in the Lottery and donated a magnificent amount for the poor in the city.
6. Describing something which expresses enthusiasm or admiration; excellent, splendid, fine: The musical Tim and Susan went to see was totally magnificent because the music, dancing and acting was brilliant!
7. Referring to birds having an imposing or splendid appearance: The bird of paradise is termed the magnificent riflebird (Craspedophora magnifica) in Britain.
magnificently (adverb); more magnificently, most magnificently
Relating to how something is accomplished in a splendid or stately manner; excellently; extremely well: The children performed magnificently on the TV program in competition with the adults.
magnifico (s) (noun); magnificoes, magnificos (pl)
A great or noble person (originally as an honorary title applied to any of the magnates of Venice); any person of high rank or position: Jane's grandfather came from a family of magnificos and had great influence on the development of one of the greatest industries in Canada.
magnificous (adjective); more magnificous, most magnificous
Relating to being grand and wonderful: Mildred's mother had her 80th birthday party which was totally a magnificous occasion with lots of wonderful food for all the guests and piano music performed by her talented daughter!
magnificously (adverb); more magnificously, most magnificously
Pertaining to how something is carried out or performed splendidly or even excellently: At the musical recital Janet magnificously played her violin and received the first prize!
magnified (adjective); more magnified, most magnified
Enlarged to one's sight; physically enlarged; extended or exaggerated literally or figuratively: When Shirley viewed the moon through the telescope, she was amazed at the magnified size of it!

Thomas saw a problem with his automobile not as a small insignificant one, but as a totally magnified issue and posing immense mechanical difficulties.

magnifier (s) (noun), magnifiers (pl)
1. A person or a thing that enlarges an item or one who extols others: It can probably be said the President Trump enjoys his magnifiers praising, acclaiming, and applauding him as the best President ever.
2. A lens or fixed combination of lenses used to increase the apparent size of an object when viewed directly; a hand glass; an eyepiece: After Jane took her watch to the jewelers to be fixed, it first had to be viewed with a magnifier to see what the problem was.
magnifique (adjective), more magnifique, most magnifique
Primarily in representations of French speech, descriptions of magnificent, excellent, splendid objects, people, conditions, etc.: Jane's accent sounded very magnifique in conversations and pompous sometimes when she talked to her neighbor because she wanted to sound very refined.
magnify (verb), magnifies, magnified, magnifying
1. To praise highly; to glorify, to extol: With time Sharon's fame as an actress was magnified and her fans had big celebrations on her birthday every year.
2. To make greater in size, status, importance, etc.; to enlarge, to increase, to augment, or to advance: By using the megaphone, the volume of Jim's voice was magnified and made it possible for hundreds of people in the town square to hear him.
3. To represent a person, action, or thing as greater than in reality; to exaggerate, intensify: The mirrors in the tiny hallway magnified it to make it look much bigger and more spacious than in actuality.
4. To increase the apparent size of an object by means of a lens, microscope, etc.; to cause to appear larger, literally and figuratively: Hana's big brown eyes were magnified by the glasses she wore making them look huge, dark, and very intriguing!
magnifying (adjective); more magnifying, most magnifying
Regarding the enlargement of something which makes it bigger: The magnifying glass that Hana used wasn't as big as the one her mother had, but it still increased the size of the tiny mouse she had drawn in her picture.
malefic (adjective), more malefic, most malefic
A reference to something that is influenced in an unfavorable or bad way or which produces evil results: The dictator's malefic treatment of his citizens resulted in his being overthrown and executed.
A reference to someone causing harm.
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maleficence (s) (noun), maleficences (pl)
The doing of mischief, evil, or harm: The secret diary of the criminal recounted the repeated maleficences which he had committed.
An evil or a bad deed.
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maleficent (adjective), more maleficent, most maleficent
1. Relating to things and spiritual agencies which bring harm to others: Some people believe that there are evil spirits that cause maleficent agony and misfortune for people.
2. A reference to people, their acts and dispositions; such as, wrongdoing, criminal acts, etc.: The politician was convicted of obtaining maleficent funding from various organizations so she could be reelected and give them advantages in paying less taxes for their profitable businesses.
A reference to causing harm or an evil act.
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malfeasance (s) (noun), malfeasances (pl)
Sinfulness, wrongdoing, or vileness; specifically, official misconduct on the part of someone in public employment: The mayor of the city was convicted of three counts of malfeasance involving illegal financial payments which happened during his first term.
An illegal or wrongful conduct.
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An unlawful act.
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manufacture (verb), manufactures; manufactured; manufacturing
To produce goods or wares by hand labor or by machinery; especially, on a large scale: James is working with a company that manufactures televisions.