-ette, -et

(French: small, little)

audiocassette, audio-cassette, audio cassette (s); audiocassettes, audio-cassettes, audio cassettes (pl) (nouns)
A small flat case containing magnetic tape on two reels, used to record and play back sound and video material: "Very few people are using audiocassettes these days since the introduction of such music sources as Apple i-Tunes and other places that provide on-line music."
carbonette (s), carbonettes (pl) (nouns)
Small balls of compressed coal dust that are used for burning as fuel.
cigarette (s), cigarettes (pl) (nouns)
Narrow paper tubes that contain tobacco which people smoke: "A cigarette consists of a small roll of finely cut tobacco enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper, and often having a filter tip, for smoking."
dinette (s), dinettes (pl) (nouns)
A small area located in or near a kitchen which is used for informal meals: "When members of the family wanted to eat a snack, they would use their dinette."
kitchenette (s), kitchenettes (pl) (nouns)
A small kitchen used to prepare meals: "Since the apartment was so small, they had a kitchenette to prepare their food instead of a regular sized kitchen."
novelette (s) (noun), novelettes (pl)
A brief novel or a long short story: Since Trisha didn't have much time, she was reading a novelette instead of a full novel or a large written story about imaginary or partly imaginary characters and events.