ethm-, ethmo- +

(Greek: strainer, sieve)

A surgical opening between the lacrimal sac and the ethmoid sinus.
esoethmoid sinus
An air cavity or space within the ethmoid bone, opening into the nasal cavity.
Inflammation of the lining membrane of the ethmoid cells.
1. A short term for the spongy or sievelike ethmoid bone, a spongy bone that serves as the front floor of the skull and the roof of the nose.
2. Another short term for the ethmoid sinus, which is made up of numerous thin-walled air cells within the ethmoid bone.
3. Relating to, or being a light spongy bone located between the orbits, forming part of the walls and septum of the superior nasal cavity, and containing numerous perforations for the passage of the fibers of the olfactory nerves.
Removal of all or part of the mucosal (mucous) lining and bony partitions between the ethmoid (bone) sinuses.
Inflammation of the ethmoid sinuses that may occur secondary to an allergy or an infection by a virus or bacteria.
Surgical incision into the ethmoid sinus.
A reference to the ethmoid and the lacrimal bones.
Pertaining to the ethmoid and nasal bones.
A reference to the sphenoid and ethmoid bones.