-esce, -escent, -escence

(Latin: beginning to be, becoming; to be somewhat; a suffix that forms nouns and adjectives)

cathodoluminescence (adjective), more cathodoluminescence, most cathodoluminescence
A description of the emission of effulgence, including a possible afterglow, by a substance as the result of exposure to electrons from an electrical device: The ore in the mine showed a very cathodoluminescence radiance after the ore detectors had stormed the surface with electrons.

The principal applications of cathodoluminescence are in television, computer, radar, and oscilloscope displays.

Tending to cerulean; light bluish.
clandescent (adjective), more clandescent, most clandescent
1. Used as an alternative to clandestine, meaning "secret"; however, it could not be found in any dictionary, but it is widely used; especially, on the World Wide Web.
2. Etymologically, it should mean "becoming more secret" because -escent is a suffix signifying "beginning, beginning to be" or "becoming".
coalescent (adjective), more coalescent, most coalescent
1. A reference to that which grows or fuses together.
2 Descriptive of something that has grown, united, or come together so as to form a whole.
concrescent (adjective)
1. A reference to a growing together of parts which were originally separated; such as, of tissue or embryonic parts.
2. The union of separate parts; for example, in dentistry, the attachment of a tooth to an adjacent one by deposition of cementum to the roots.
Gradually wasting away.
convalescence (s) (noun), convalescences (pl)
The gradual recuperation or recovery time after an illness or injury: The doctor told Jonus, the football player, that he needed a convalescence of several weeks because of his sprained ankle.
The gradual return to good health after and illness.
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1. Recovering health and strength after illness; on the way to recovery; still in need of nursing.
2. One who is recovering from sickness.
crescent (adjective) (not comparable)
A curved shape that is wide in the middle and pointed at the ends: "Anywhere in this world, a clear sky makes it possible to easily see the crescent moon which may be either the first quarter or the last quarter of the moon."
crescentic (adjective)
A reference to something that has a form resembling the curved shape of the moon as seen either in its first quarter or its last quarter form of development: "The crescentic view of the moon indicated its first phase; that is, it was waxing or growing larger in size or shape."