eruci-, eruc-

(Latin: caterpillar)

eruciform (s) (noun), eruciforms (pl)
Shaped like a caterpillar/
eruciphile (s) (noun), eruciphiles (pl)
One who is very interested in caterpillars: As an eruciphile, Mrs. Black was totally fascinated by caterpillars, like the oleander caterpillar, the black swallowtail caterpillar, and the monarch caterillar.
eruciphilous (adjective), more eruciphilous, most eruciphilous
Pertaining to a special fondness for caterpillars: Grace had an eruciphilous activity because she went out to the garden every morning to see if she could detect yet another kind of caterpillar climbing up the stems of her plants.
eruciphily (s) (noun) (no po)
A strong delight in caterpillars: The articles Tony found describing eruciphily certainly were so informative that he decided to find out more about the many varieties of caterpillars.