ergasio-, ergasi-, ergas-, ergat-

(Greek: work)

cacergasia (s) (noun), cacergasias (pl)
Defective mental or physical functions of the reactions of an individual in contrast to the normal activities of the human body: Preceding his death, Mr. Alyson's son experienced cacergasia when all of his internal organs started to shut down and not operate in a normal way any more.
1. The total activity or functioning of a person, encompassing both behavior and mental activity.
2. The sum of the mental, behavioral, and physiological functions and reactions that make up an individual.
A plant which has been introduced by mankind for purposes of cultivation.
A plant introduced by mankind for cultivation purposes.
A reference to plants that colonize cultivated fields.
Another term for psychiatrics.
Another term for psychiatry; coined by Adolf Meyer who was a Psychiatrist Physician concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the mind including psychosis, behavioral disorders, emotional maladjustments and other mental problems.

Adolf Meyer, M.D., LL.D., (September 13, 1866 in Niederweningen, near Zurich, Switzerland - March 17, 1950), was a Swiss psychiatrist who rose to prominence as the president of the American Psychiatric Association and was one of the most influential figures in psychiatry in the first half of the twentieth century.

His focus on collecting detailed case histories on patients is the most prominent of his contributions; along with his insistence that patients could best be understood through consideration of their life situations.

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ergasidermatosis, ergasiodermatosis; occupational dermatitis
Contact dermatitis caused by an allergic reaction to or an irritation from substances normally encountered in an occupation.
1. A compulsion to work or to be active; a morbid need to work.
2. Undue eagerness to perform surgery.
Someone who has a compulsion to work.
ergasiophobia, ergasophobia, ergophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. An abnormal fear, hatred, or avoidance of work: Ergasiophobia can be related to a number of job-related activities, including the dread of speaking in front of groups and socializing with co-workers, or being too slow.
2. A persistent, extreme anxietiy and dread of work related to not performing or functioning to perfection: Dr. Perfect, as a surgeon, suffered from ergophobia in that he was overly afraid in failing to operate successfully and with upmost proficiency and skill.

The world is filled with willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.

—Robert Frost

When it works, do it.
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Some people who don't work take advantage of those who do work.
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ergasiophobic (s) (noun), ergasiophobics (pl)
Someone who has a pathological aversion of functioning or acting associated with work: Tom skimmed the ads in the local newspaper looking for a job, but since he tried to avoid work in the first place, he, as an ergasiophobic, never found one he liked!
1. A condition of impairment or weakness caused by overwork.
2. Etymology: from Greek ergon, "work" + asthenos, "weakness".
Referring to or relating to ergasia.

Cross references related to "work, toil" word families: argo-; ergo-; labor-; oper-; pono-; urg-.