entomo-, entom-

(Greek: insect, bug; literally, "cut up, cut in pieces"; an insect because it appears to be segmented)

dientomophilous (adjective), more dientomophilous, most dientomophilous
In biology, a reference to a plant that is pollinated by two different insect species: Dientomophilous plants have two kinds of flowers, and each one is adapted for one of the two insect pollinators.
entognathous (adjective), more entognathous, most entognathous
A reference to insects that have mouthparts with recessed mandibles and maxillae concealed by lateral folds on the head.
entomiasis (s) (noun), entomiases (pl)
Any condition or disease that is caused by insects.
entomic (adjective), more entomic, most entomic
A reference to having to do with insects.
entomochore (s) (noun), entomochores (pl)
A dispersal or distribution by insects.
entomochoric (adjective), more entomochoric, most entomochoric
A reference to being dispersed by insects and depending on them for spreading spores, etc. from flowers.
entomochory (s) (noun), entomochories (pl)
entomogamous (adjective), more entomogamous, most entomogamous
A reference to flowers that are pollinated by insects.
entomogamy (s) (noun), entomogamies (pl)
entomogenous (adjective), more entomogenous, most entomogenous
1. Pertaining to growing in or on insects; such as, certain fungi.
2. Caused by or derived from insects.
entomography (s) (noun), entomographies (pl)
A written description of an insect or of its life history.
entomoid (adjective), more entomoid, most entomoid
1. Resembling a bug.
2. A reference to being similar to an insect in shape or form.
entomolite (s) (noun), entomolites (pl)
A fossil insect.
entomological (adjective), more entomological, most entomological
1. A reference to the study of insects or some aspect of insect studies.
2. Of or relating to the biological science of bugs.
entomologist (s) (noun), entomologists (pl)
Someone who specializes in the study of insects: Ever since he was a little boy, Lorne has loved to watch butterflies, so he decided to become an entomologist in order to learn more about such small creatures, like ants, beetles, and flies.
A biologist who studies insect creatures.
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