(Latin: a suffix; a person who; a thing which)

appointee (s) (noun), appointees (pl)
A person who is assigned to a certain role: Sharon was absolutely surprised when her boss appointed her to be his assistant in the following meeting.
devotee (s) (noun), devotees (pl)
Someone who is zealously interested in something special; an enthusiast: Mark is a devotee of hiking in the forests.
An ardent suppoer or enthusiast of a cause, an art, or a sport.
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A passionate supporter of a physical activity.
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1. Someone who has been suggested (named) for a position, honor, or award, or as a candidate for office.
2. A person or group that holds title to a security or piece of real estate but is not actually the holder or owner.
payee (s) (noun), payees (pl)
1. A person to whom a payment is to be made.
2. Someone to whom money is being paid or is due; especially, the person to whom a check or money order is payable.
refugee (s) (noun), refugees (pl)
A person, or people, who flee for shelter or safety; especially, to a foreign country, as in a time of political upheaval, war, etc.: The recent military conflicts in Syria have resulted in thousands of refugees seeking shelter in other countries.
transferee (s) (noun), transferees (pl)
1. Individuals who move from one location to a different one: The supervisor, Mrs. Jenkins, convened a meeting of the staff to introduce the two new transferees to the department.
2. A person who is in receipt of property through a legal process: Doris was named the transferee in her parents' will.