alcoholo-, alcohol-, alcoho-

(Arabic > Latin: alcohol, originally an "essence or very fine powder")

A finely pulverized antimony ore or metallic powder used for painting the eyelids that is related to Hebrew kahal.

The term comes from Arabic al-kuhl which is from al-, "the" and kohl or kuhl, "antimony sulfide".

alcholimetric (adjective)
A reference to a device, called a alcoholometer, that measures the quantity of alcohol contained in a liquid.
alcholizer (s) (noun), alcholizers (pl)
An alcohol breath-test screening instrument; a breathalyzer with an analyzer cell used in police units worldwide to check drivers suspected of excessive drinking.
alcholometrical (adjective)
A reference to the use of an alcoholometer.
alcogel (s) (noun), alcogels (pl)
A gelatinous precipitate from a colloidal solution in alcohol.
alcohol (noun) (lexicomedy)
A liquid that is good for preserving almost everything except secrets and self-control.
alcohol (s) (noun), alcohols (pl)
1. A colorless, volatile, pungent liquid; synthesized or derived from fermentation of sugars and starches, it can be burned as fuel, is used in industry and medicine, and is the intoxicating element of whiskey, wine, beer, and other fermented or distilled liquors. It is also called "ethyl alcohol".
2. Any of a series of hydroxyl compounds, the simplest of which are derived from saturated hydrocarbons, and include ethanol and methanol.
alcohol fetopathy (s) (noun), alcohol fetopathies (pl)
A pattern of permanent and often devastating birth-defect syndromes caused by maternal consumption of alcohol during pregnancy; fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: The main effect of alcohol fetalpathy is brain damage which can be caused during any trimester, because the fetus's brain continues to develop throughout the entire pregnancy.

The brain damage that is a result of alcohol fetopathy is often accompanied by, and reflected in, distinctive facial stigmata or characteristics which are indicative of a disease or abnormalities.

alcohol fuel (s) (noun), alcohol fuels (pl)
A motor fuel of gasoline blended with 5-25% of amhydrous ethyl alcohol; used particularly in Europe; gasohol.
alcohol withdrawal delirium (s) (noun), alcohol withdrawal deliriums (or) deliria (pl)
An acute organic mental disorder resulting from a recent cessation or reduction in alcohol consumption with the essential characteristic being delirium: "Alcohol withdrawal delirium is an autonomic hyperactivity; that is, tachycardia (fast heart beat), sweating, and elevated blood pressure is also present. It was formerly called delirium tremens."

"Another characteristic of alcohol withdrawal delirium includes the DTs, 'the horrors', 'the shakes', or 'rum fits'; literally, 'shaking delirium' or 'trembling madness' (in Latin). It is an acute episode of delirium which is usually caused by withdrawal, or abstinence, from alcohol following habitual excessive drinking."

alcohol withdrawal delirium tremens (s) (noun)
A severe form of alcohol withdrawal that involves sudden and severe mental or neurological changes: "Delirium tremens can occur after a period of heavy alcohol drinking; especially, when the person does not eat enough food."

Alcohol withdrawal delirium may also be triggered by head injury, infection, or illness in people with a history of heavy use of alcohol."

"It is most common in people who have a history of alcohol withdrawal; especially, in those who drink the equivalent of seven to eight pints of beer (or one pint of "hard" liquor) every day for several months. Delirium tremens also commonly affects those with a history of habitual alcohol use or alcoholism that has existed for more than ten years."

"Alcohol withdrawal delirium tremens symptoms occur because of the toxic effects of alcohol on the brain and nervous system. They may be severe and get worse very quickly which is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention."

"The treatment of alcohol withdrawal delirium tremens includes observation, comfort care, and in some cases medication."

alcoholate (s) (noun), alcoholates (pl)
A tincture or other preparation containing alcohol: "A compound that is formed by the reaction of an alcohol in which a hydrogen atom of alcohol is replaced by an alkali metal; such as, potassium alcoholate, or ethylate, with an alkali metal."
alcoholature (s) (noun), alcoholatures (pl)
An alcoholic tincture (slight taste) prepared with fresh plants.
alcoholemia (s) (noun), alcoholemias (pl)
The presence of ethanol in the blood: "Alcoholemia is also said to be the blood-level of alcohol."
alcohol-ether (s) (noun), alcohol-ethers (pl)
A chemical compound used in shampoos, bubble baths, body wash, and liquid soaps.
alcoholic (adjective)
Relating to, containing, or produced by alcohol.

O God! That men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains.

—Cassio, in Othello by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

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