duo-, du-

(Latin: two, double; a word element for the number "2")

duomachy (s) (noun), duomachies (pl)
A fight between two in single combat.
dupe (s) (noun), dupes (pl)
1. Anyone who is easily tricked or deceived into doing something that is wrong: "James was a dupe who was convinced by a man that investing in a certain company would bring him a big financial return; however, it turned out that such a business never existed and so James lost $3000."
2. Etymology: borrowed from French dupe, "a deluded" or "deceived person"; borrowed from Middle French duppe.

Similar to duplicity; however it does not come from the same etymological source as duplicity; so, they are primarily related only by their similar meanings.

dupe (verb), dupes; duped; duping
To persuade or to convince someone into doing something that is unacceptable by deception or trickery: The reporter was duped into writing an article about a well-known person which was full of accusations that were completely false.
To trick or to make someone believe something that is not true.
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A channel capable of transmitting data in both directions at the same time.

A half duplex is a channel capable of transmitting data in both directions, but not simultaneously.

duplicate (DOO pli cate") (verb), duplicates; duplicated; duplicating
To make an exact copy of something: Andy duplicated copies of pictures of his family to share with his mother.

Steve was duplicating copies of his building contract, keeping one copy for his files and mailing the other copy to the construction company.

duplicate (DOO pli kit, DYOO pli kit) (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to something that is exactly the same as something else: For some unknown reason, Louis started to receive two duplicate copies of the same magazine subscription each month.

duplicate (DOO pli kit, DYOO pli kit) (s) (noun), duplicates (pl)
Anything that is is precisely the same as something else: Elizabeth made duplicates of the medical payments before sending copies to the health insurance for refunding.

In case people lose their house keys, they should have duplicates some where in a safe and easily accessible place.

duplicitous (adjective), more duplicitous, most duplicitous
1. Descriptive of being deceitful or pretending to feel one way and actually being the opposite in speech or behavior: "The young man's excessive attention to the elderly woman at the party was recognized by her son as nothing more than a duplicitous way to steal her valuable necklace."
2. A dishonest action that is meant to trick someone or others: "The investigator exposed the financial investor's duplicitous techniques to get people to buy stock in his company."