dorso-, dors-, dorsi-, -dorsal

(Latin: dorsum, back, on the back, near the back, back side; rear, posterial)

dosser (s) (noun), dossers (pl)
1. A homeless and jobless person.
2. Someone who avoids work, a shirker.
3. Etymology: from Latin dorsum, "back".

Concerning the side in which the backbone is located.

dossier (s) (noun), dossiers (pl)
A collection of documents about a person, event, or topic: The administration of Ted's company has a dossier for each employee working there.
2. Etymology: from French indicating a bundle of papers with a label on the back; from Latin dorsum, "back".
A bundle of papers containing detailed information.
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A stack of papers containing detailed information about someone.
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endorse, indorse (verb); endorses, indorses; endorsed, indorsed; endorsing, indorsing
1. To declare one's public approval or support of someone or something: There are people who are publicly endorsing one or the other candidates who are running for President of the U.S.
2. To sign a check or bill of exchange on the back to make it payable to someone else other than the payee: James endorsed a check for $500 to make a down payment for the washing machine and a dryer for his family.
3. Etymology: from Latin dossum, from dorsum, "to put on the back"; from en-, "put on" + dos, "back," from Latin dossum, a variant of dorsum, "back".
endorsee (s) (noun), endorsees (pl)
endorsement, indorsement (s) (noun), enddorsements, indorsements (pl)
endorser (s) (noun), endorsers (pl)
extrados (s) (noun); extrados, extradoses (pl)
1. The upper or outer curve of an arch.
2. Etymology: from Latin dorsum and French dos, "back".
iliodorsal (adjective), more iliodorsal, most iliodorsal
Referring to the back surface of the hipbone.
lumbodorsal (adjective), more lumbodorsal, more lumbodorsal
A reference to the lumbar (lower part of the back) and thoracic (chest); formerly called dorsal or back regions.
middorsal (adjective), more middorsal, most middorsal
Pertaining to the middle of the back.
parados (s) (noun); parados, paradoses (pl)
An elevation of earth or an embankment that is built behind a fortified place as a protection against attack from the rear; especially, a mound along the back of a trench.
reredos (s) (noun), reredos (pl)
An altarpiece, a screen, or a decoration behind the altar in a church, often including religious images.

Word families with similar applications: "back, backside" word units: lumbo- (loin, lower back); nuch- (nape of the neck); pygo- (rump, rear end, back side).