dorso-, dors-, dorsi-, -dorsal

(Latin: dorsum, back, on the back, near the back, back side; rear, posterial)

dorsonasal (adjective), more dorsonasal, most dorsonasal
Relating to the back or the bridge of the nose.
dorsonuchal (adjective), more dorsonuchal, most dorsonuchal
Relating to the back and the nape or posterior part of the neck.
dorso-occipital (adjective), more dorso-occipital, most dorso-occipital
Relating to the back of the skull region of the head.
dorsoposterior (adjective), more dorsoposterior, most dorsoposterior
Descriptive of the back of the fetus towards the back of the mother or an intrauterine position.
dorsoradial (adjective), more dorsoradial, most dorsoradial
Conveying to the location on the radial or curving side of the backs of the forearms, hands, or fingers.
dorsosacral (adjective), more dorsosacral, most dorsosacral
Descriptive of the back and the sacrum or the wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis.
dorsoscapular (adjective), more dorsoscapular, most dorsoscapular
Referring to the scapula or two bones that are situated on the back sides of the upper back; also known as, the shoulder blades which are flat, triangular bones, that lie against the ribs in the upper back and provide attachments for the bones and muscles of the upper arms.
dorsothoracic (adjective), more dorsothoracic, most dorsothoracic
Pertaining to the posterior aspect of the thorax or the part of the body between the neck and abdomen; including the chest that is enclosed by the ribs, breastbone, the vertebrae and consisting of the main organs of circulation and breathing,
dorsoventral (adjective), more dorsoventral, most dorsoventral
Relating to being directed from the posterior to the abdominal or stomach surface.
dorsulnar (adjective), more dorsulnar, most dorsulnar
A reference to the part of the body that is located on the ulnar, or medial, side of the posterior parts of the forearms, hands, or fingers.
dorsum (s) (noun), dorsa (pl)
1. The back part of an organism or structure.
2. Any location, surface, or part corresponding in position to the posterior.
dorsum lingua (s) (noun), dorsum linguae (pl)
The upper or higher back surface of the tongue, divided by a shallow median groove that extends backward; also called the "dorsum of the tongue".
dorsum manus (s) (noun), dorsum manus (pl)
The posterior aspect, or back, of the hand; also known as the "dorsum of the hand".
dorsum pedi (s) (noun), dorsum pedis (pl)
The dorsum of the foot consisting of the upper surface of the foot or the continuation of the front of the leg past the ankle joint.
doss (verb), dosses; dossed; dossing

Word families with similar applications: "back, backside" word units: lumbo- (loin, lower back); nuch- (nape of the neck); pygo- (rump, rear end, back side).