dorm-, dormi-

(Latin: sleep, sleeping)

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus.
Pseudo Latin: Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
Coat of arm at Hogwart.

Motto and coat of arms at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and magic in the Harry Potter stories.

Dum felis dormit, mus gaudet et exsilit antro.
When the cats fall asleep, the mouse rejoices and leaps from his hole.

Latin idiom: The Roman mouse rejoicing is father to the French mice dancing and the English mice playing.

1. Being in such a condition that germination is possible; with reference to "nondormant seeds".
2 Being in an active vegetative growth; such as, "nondormant plants".
1. A falling asleep, or the condition of being asleep.
2. Numbness of a limb, etc. due to pressure on a nerve.
Relating to, or referring to, postdormitum.
1. The period of increasing consciousness between sound sleep and waking.
2. The period of increasing consciousness interposed between sound sleep and wakening.
Pertaining to or occurring in the predormitum.
1. The stage of semi-unconsciousness preceding actual sleep.
2. The period of waning consciousness interposed between the waking state and sound slumber.

Related "sleep" units: hypno-; letho-; narco-; oneiro- (dream); somni-; sopor-.