dipso-, -dipsia, -dipsy, -dipsias +

(Greek: thirst, thirsty [toward "drink"])

adipsia (s) (noun), adipsias (pl)
1. The abnormal absence of thirst: Adrian was told that his lack of a desire to drink fluids, even when his body was low on water was diagnosed as adipsia which was resulting in an excess amount of salt in his body.
2. An abnormal avoidance of drinking: As people age, they have a tendency to have adipsia and so they are less likely to notice their thirst and may not drink sufficient fluids when they are needed.
Serving to quench thirst; such as, a food or beverage.
The absence of thirst.
Extreme thirst or intense thirst which refers to a sensation, often located in the mouth and throat, associated with a craving for drink that is ordinarily interpreted as a desire for water.
A descriptive word for excessive thirst usually of water.
Thirst; being thirsty.
2. Marked by a feeling of thirst.
2. Pertaining to or characterized by thirst.
Thirst or being thirsty.

Dipsia is often used as a combining form that indicates conditions associated with thirst or the ingestion of fluids.

An agent that induces or produces a thirst.
Producing or inducing thirst.
1. The pathological excessive use of of alcohol.
2. Periodic drinking bouts.
3. A morbid and insatiable craving for alcohol.

Also applied to persistent drunkenness; alcoholism.

dipsomaniac (s) (noun), dipsomaniacs (pl)
Someone who has a pathological and uncontrollable craving for alcoholic drinks: Karl's brother was arrested by the police recently because, as a dipsomaniac, he was driving his car and he ran into another vehicle.
Someone who has a morbid and often uncontrollable desire to drink alcohol.
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dipsomanophobia, dipsophobia (s) (noun), dipsomanophobias, dipsophobias (pl)
An intense revulsion of drinking alcoholic beverages: After experiencing some of her relatives consuming too much wine and beer and and seeing the bad and uncontrollable effects it produced, Becky hated those drinks and had dipsomanophobia.
Alcoholism; any diseased condition resulting from excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.
A pathological or uncontrollable consumption of alcohol.

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