aigialo-, aigial-, aigi- +

(Greek: beach, seashore; and also a cliff)

agialosaur (s) (noun), agialosaurs (pl)
Beach lizard: Jane's biology teacher told the students that agialosaurs lived next to coastal areas and not in the desert like some other lizards do.
aigialium (s) (noun), aigialiums; aigialia (pl)
A community of beach-dwelling organisms: Susan read up on aigialium in her biology book, and so the next time she went to the seaside, she watched all the little creatures that lived along the sandy area.
aigialophilous (adjective), more aigialophilous, most aigialophilous
Pertaining to the life in beach environments: There are many aigialophilous creatures found in beach habitats, including mussels, shore crabs, shrimps, and starfish.
aigialophyte (s) (noun), aigialophytes (pl)
Plants that exist and thrive on beaches: Beach vegetation, or aigialophytes, include sea kale, allium, and juniper, among many others.
aigicole (verb), aigicoles; aigicoled; aigicoling
To inhabit beach areas or to live among pebbles: The number of vines and sea campions certainly aigicoled during the months while Jill and Jim were having their vacation at the seaside.