digit-, digiti-

(Latin: finger, toe; from Greek daktylos)

The dried leaf of Digitalis purpurea, the purple foxglove.

The flower digitalis, long known as a heart stimulant, is so named bcause a human finger, or digit, fits snugly into one of its deep-throated bells.

digitalisation, digitalization
The administration of digitalis for the treatment of certain heart disorders.
By means of digits; in digital form.
Crab grass; finger grass.
Of or pertaining to the fingers.
1. Possessing several fingerlike processes or impressions.
2. Arranged like the fingers of the hand.
3. Of quadrupeds that have separate or divided digits or toes.
4. Of leaves, etc.: Having deep radiating divisions; now usually applied to compound leaves consisting of a number of leaflets all springing from one point, as in the horse-chestnut.
Having divisions for the toes.
1. Having digits or finger-like projections.
2. In botany, having distinct parts arising from a common point or center; palmate.
digitatio (s), digitationes (pl)
Finger like process, especially with reference to muscle attachments.
1. A division into fingers or fingerlike processes; also, a fingerlike process.
2. A fingerlike process, especially with reference to muscle attachments; such as, those of musculus serratus anterior.
digitectophile, digitectophilist (s) (noun); digitectophiles; digitectophilists (pl)
A person who is very fond of thimbles: Judy loved to sew and always had to have a new thimble to add to her collection, so she was known in her sewing group as a digitectophile.
digiti manus (Latin phrase)
Translation: "The digits or the fingers of the hands."
digiti pedis
The digits of the foot; the toes.
Shaped or formed like a finger or fingers; fingerlike; such as, a digitiform root.
1. Walking on the toes or digits, as most quadruped mammals.
2. Relating to an animal; such as, a horse, a cat, or a dog, whose weight is borne on the toes.
3. Walking on the digits, with metacarpal and metatarsal bones clear of the ground, as do dogs and cats.

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "toes" and "fingers": dactylo-; hallu-; phalang-.