(Greek: net, netlike)

archedictyon (s) (noun), archedictyons (pl)
The name given to a hypothetical scheme of wing venation proposed for the very first winged insect: Archedictyon is based on a combination of speculation and fossil data. Since all winged insects are believed to have evolved from a common ancestor, the archedictyon represents the "template" that has been modified (and streamlined) by natural selection for 200 million years.

According to current dogma, the archedictyon contained 6-8 longitudinal veins.

archidictyon (s) (noun), archidictyons (pl)
The veinlike thickenings or reticulations (archidictyon) of insect wings: An archidictyon is the fine unsymmetrical network of cuticular processor or ridges on the wings of various insect fossils.
dictyogen, dictyogenous
The name applied to those plants which have a monocotyledonous embryo, and reticulated leaf-veins (in the latter respect resembling the Dicotyledons).
dictyospore, dictyosporic
A multicellular spore divided into segments by both transverse and longitudinal walls.
dictyostele, dictyostellic
In some ferns and dicotyledons, a stele which is so interrupted by leaf-gaps as to resemble a network of strands.
1. Colonies consist of large numbers of cylindrical cells joined terminally with two others to form an open net-like structure.
2. A green freshwater alga; waternet.
An alkaloid obtained from Hymenodictyon excelsum, an East Indian shrub.