diabolo-, diabol-

(Greek: devil, demon [literally, "to throw across;" then, "to attack, to slander"])

adiabolist (s) (noun), adiabolists (pl)
A person who denys the existence of the Devil.
devil (s) (noun), devils (pl)
1. The supreme spirit of evil and the enemy righteousness: The devil is also known as Satan who is also an evil spirit, a fiend, and a demon.
2. A wicked or cruel person who is very bad and cruel.
deviltry (s) (noun), deviltries (pl)
An evil or misbehaving person who is cruel and wicked: Andy's neighbor was considered to be someone who was behaving with extreme deviltries or utter wickedness, when some boys took some of the apples from the tree in his backyard.
diablerie (s) (noun), diableries (pl)
1. An activity of sorcery or black magic: Diablerie can be seen in “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare when the three witches are busy stirring in their caldron during a night with thunder and lightning.
2. The resemblance or likeness of demons or devils, as in fiction or in paintings: When the art students went to see the displays of paintings in the exhibition, they viewed many works of art illustrating diableries showing ghouls, goblins and ogres!
3. The devilish conduct or activity of someone: In some dramas, there is usually one character whose main intent is to harm others in a fiendish way, but this diablerie usually ends with the culprit losing out and being defeated.
A devilish sorcery or activity.
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diabolepsy (s) (noun), diabolepsies (pl)
Possession by a devil or a demon: A diabolepsy is a condition in which a person believes he or she is possessed by a devil or has been endowed with evil supernatural powers.
diabolical (adjective), more diabolical, most diabolical
Descriptive of those who are very cruel, devilish, or wicked: Terrorists are considered to be diabolical people because they attack others so viciously in various countries.
Descriptive of a cruel or wicked plot agains others.
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A reference to being devilish or outrageously wicked.
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Relating to having the qualities of a devil.
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diabolism (s) (noun), diabolisms (pl)
1. An action aided or caused by the devil: Diabolisms are parts of sorcery, witchcraft and dealings with or possessions of individuals by the devil.
2. A belief in or the worship of devils.
3. An evil character or conduct of a person or people.
diabolist (s) (noun, diabolists (pl))
diabolize (verb), diabolizes, diabolized, diabolizing
diabology (s) (noun), diabologies (pl)
1. The study of the devil or the belief in devils.
2 Learning about the doctrine or the theories about Satan which is another term for the "devil".
Belief in many devils.