dexter-, dextra-, dextro-

(Latin: right, right hand, to the right; therefore, "skillful, fortunate")

ambidexter (s) (noun), ambidexters (pl)
1. The ability to use either hand with equal skill: Lynn’s sister is an ambidexter, who is able to write with a pen, pencil, or chalk by holding each one with her left or right manual extremities of the arms.
2. General skillfulness; especially, with the hands; very skillful and versatile; using both hands with equal facility: Greg’s wife was obviously an amibidexter because she played the piano with magnificent expertise! 
3. Someone who is equally ready to act on either side of disputes: As the supervisor of his company, Steven was an ambidexter who listened to the arguments presented by two employees and he made a decision as to which one had the most rational viewpoint to follow.
ambidexterity (am" bi dek STER i tee) (s) (noun), ambidexterities (pl)
1. The ability to perform manual skills easily with one or the other hand: Ambidexterity involves writing or using cutlery with the same adroitness, or proficiency, because there is no definite handedness or preference for using just one hand to do anything.
2. General skillfulness, especially with the hands; very skillful and versatile; using both hands with equal success: Jane was an expert at making her own ceramics, which was of excellent quality and showed her ambidexterity and mastery in creating perfectly formed vases and bowls.
A man displays his ambidexterity by writing with both hands at the same time.
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ambidextrous (am bi DEK struhs) (adjective), more ambidextrous, most ambidextrous
1. Concerning someone who is able to use both manual extensions of the arms equally well; unusually, skillful and versatile: Bill was ambidextrous in that he could pitch the baseball equally well with either his left or his right hand.

Since Mike, the juggler, was ambidextrous, he could start his performance with a circular motion to either his left or to his right side.

2. Unusually skillful; adroit; quickness with mental skills: Gilbert was an ambidextrous pianist.
3. Two faced, dishonest, and hypocritical: Becky Sharp, in the novel Vanity Fair, was ambidextrous in her personal relationships.
4. Etymology: the word ambidextrous is derived from the Latin roots ambi, "both" and dexter, "right" (as opposed to left) or "favorable"; therefore, ambidextrous literally means "right on both sides".

Ambidexterity refers to being equally adept with each hand (or, to a limited degree, feet).

"A person is ambidextrous when his left hand knows what his right hand is doing."
Able to use both hands skillfully.
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ambisinistrodextrous (adjective), more ambisinistrodextrous, most ambisinistrodextrous
Descriptive of someone who is equally skillful with both the left and the right hands:: Jerome was proud that he was an ambisinistrodextrous person because he was a mechanic who needed such abilities to do his work easier and with less trouble.
ambodexter (s) (noun), ambodexters (pl)
A person who is skillful with both hands: the literal meaning is "both right" or having "two right" hands: Joe, who was the best ambodexter in his team, played magnificently in the basketball competition because he was very talented with handling the ball with either of his hands.
dexter (adjective), more dexter, most dexter
1. A reference to anything that is located on the right side.
2. Pertaining to that which is situated on or is on the side of a shield of the user's right side and the observer's left side.
dexterity (s) (noun), dexterities (pl)
1. A coordination of small muscles, in movements; usually involving the synchronization of the palms and digits: Madison was told that he had the dexterity to work on the project because he had the skill to use his hands and fingers quickly and in a coordinated way.

A surgeon must have dexterity in order to handle medical instruments properly.

2. The ability to think and to act quickly and cleverly: The people were amazed at the dexterity of the performances of the acrobats at the circus.
The speed and ease of using the hands.
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dexterous (DEK struhs, DEK ter ous) (adjective), more dexterous, most dexterous
1. Descriptive of someone who shows great skill or cleverness with the mind and the hands: Mildred's dexterous fingers moved effortlessly over the piano keys as she was performing.

Henry easily solved the riddle with his dexterous mind.

2. Etymology: from Latin dexter, "right hand".
Relating to being skillfull with the hands..
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dexterously (adverb), more dexterously, most dexterously
1. Referring to the skillful use of the hands: Karl has dexterously proven that he is a superior carpenter because he rarely makes any mistakes in his work.
2. Descriptive of having the mental ability to do something well or possessing a special talent.
dextrad (adverb), more dextrad, most dextrad
Referring to the right side.
dextral (adjective), more dextral, most dextral
1. Relating to or inclined to the right side: Nancy always used her dextral hand to write and to catch balls.
2. In zoology, pertaining to a spiral mollusk shell: A dextral gastropod mollusc possesses a shell with whorls rising to the right and coiling in a counterclockwise direction.
dextrality (s) (noun), dextralities (pl)
1. The state or condition of having the right side or parts different from and; usually, more efficient than the left side.
2. A superiority of strength and easier actions with the right side of the body.
dextraural (adjective), more dextraural, most dextraural
1. Relating to right-eared; characterizing an individual who prefers to listen with the right ear: Charles always talked on his telephone with the receiver placed on his dextraural side.
2. Referring to the right ear.
dextraurality (s) (noun), dextrauralities (pl)
1. A situation of being on the right side as opposed to the left side.
2. The quality or state of having the right side or some parts; such as, the hand or eye different from and usually more efficient than the left or corresponding parts.

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