dexter-, dextra-, dextro-

(Latin: right, right hand, to the right; therefore, "skillful, fortunate")

dextrocardia (s) (noun), dextrocardias (pl)
A rare abnormal physical condition in which the apex of the heart is located on the right side of the body.
dextrocardiogram (s) (noun), dextrocardiograms (pl)
That part of an electrocardiogram that is derived from the right ventricle.
dextrocular, dextrocularity
1. Indicating right ocular dominance.
2. A reference to someone who prefers the right eye in monocular work; such as, microscopy.
3. Favoring the right eye, rather than the left eye, by habit or for effective vision; antonym, sinistrocular.
The rotation, or movement, of one eye to the right.
dextrogastria (s) (noun), dextrogastrias (pl)
A condition in which the stomach is displaced to the right side of the body instead of the middle.
An isomer of glucose that is found in honey and sweet fruits; dextrose (dextrorotatory form of glucose found naturally in animal and plant tissue and derived synthetically from starch).
dextrogyral (adjective), more dextrogyral, most dextrogyral
Pertaining to right-handed rotation of something: One example of a dextrogyral thing is the right-handed screw.

Some dextrogyral crystals are capable of turning the polarization of light toward the right as opposed to the left.

dextrogyrate (verb), dextrogyrates, dextrogyrated, dextrogyrating
Turning to the right.
dextrogyration (s) (noun), dextrogyrations (pl)
A turning to the right or a movement that goes to the right: Frank was driving his car to visit friends who live on a mountainside and he had to make many dextrogyrations in order to finally get to his destination.
dextromanual (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to being right-handed: Timmy's parents were watching him as he was learning to scribble something on a sheet of paper and they noticed that he was dextromanual because he was using his right fingers to hold the pencil as he made the meaningless marks.
dextropedal (adjective), more dextropedal, most dextropedal
Using the right foot in preference to the left one; right-footed: When Jack was playing soccer or football, he scored many times with his dextropedal agility; however, he never scored with his left foot.
dextrophobia (s) (noun), dextrophobias (pl)
An excessive apprehension of things that might appear on the right side of the body: One reason a person may have dextrophobia is knowing that he or she only wants to use objects located on the left and never on the other side!

Susan, conscious of having dextrophobia, always used the scissors she needed for sewing from the left, and avoided putting them down on the other side.

dextroposition (s) (noun), dextropositions (pl)
1. To move or place to the right: Mr. Stevens asked that the vase be placed in a dextroposition to its original location on the shelf.
2. Displacement to the right; such as, a body part: Tony, the pianist, favored the dextroposition of his hands when he was playing his special musical presentation.

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