dermo-, derm-, derma-, dermato-, dermat-, -derm, -derma, -dermatic, -dermatous, -dermis, -dermal, -dermic, -dermoid, -dermatoid

(Greek: skin)

acarine dermatosis (s) (noun), acarine dermatoses (pl)
An eruption of the skin caused by mite parasites: When Jane saw the very serious rash on her arm, she went to her doctor who diagnosed it as being a case of acarine dermatosis and told her to make sure that her pet dog was treated for mites.
acarodermatitis (s) (noun), dermatitises; dermatitides (pl)
Any skin inflammation caused by mites: The swelling and soreness on Jean's leg was effected by a mite and was diagnosed by her doctor to be acarodermatitis.
achromoderma (s) (noun), achromodermas (pl)
An absence of skin pigment.
achromodermia (s) (noun), achromodermias (pl)
A colorless condition of the skin.
acrodermatitis (s) (noun), acrodermatitises; acrodermatitides (pl)
Inflammation involving the skin of the extremities: Acrodermatitis is a skin disease which mainly affects the hands and feet, and might be accompanied by a slight fever. It is caused by an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterial species.
acrodermatosis (s) (noun), acrodermatoses (pl)
Any disease involving the skin of the hands or feet: Because the top of Jack's hands were becoming so dry even though he used hand lotion, he went to see a dermatologist who diagnosed it as being a condition of acrodermatosis.
acropachyderma (s) (noun), acropachydermas (pl)
A thickening of the skin of the head, the scalp, and of the hands and feet: Acropachyderma affects the bones of the limbs with the clubbing of the fingers and deformities in the limb bones.
acroscleroderma (s) (noun), acrosclerodermas (pl)
A hard, thickened skin condition of the toes and the fingers; sclerodactyly: Acroscleroderma can affect the digits of the limbs as well as the neck, the face, and especially the nose causing a tightness and stiffness of the parts involved.
actinic dermatitis (s) (noun), actinic dermatitises; actinic dermatitides (pl)
A skin inflammation or rash resulting from exposure to sunlight, X-rays, or atomic particle radiation: Chronic or recurrent actinic dermatitis can lead to skin cancer.
actinodermatitis (s) (noun), actinodermatitises: actinodermatitides (pl)
An inflammation of the skin: Actinodermatitis is an ailment of the epidermis resuling from too much exposure to sunlight or because of an adverse reaction to a radiation-skin therapy.

Actinodermatitis is also caused by exposure to some form of radiation, such as ultraviolet light or X-rays.

adermia (s) (noun), adermias (pl)
Having no skin or being without skin: The adermia of the laboratory fish made it impossible for it to survive.

An adermia is defined as an acquired absence of the skin or a specified area of skin.

adermogenesis (s) (noun), adermogeneses (pl)
An imperfect development of the skin of a newborn baby.
adipodermal graft (s) (noun), adipodermal grafts (pl)
Skin-fat graft: An adipodermal graft was performed surgically in order to replace the damaged tissue.
anetoderma (s) (noun), anetodermas (pl)
A condition in which the skin becomes baglike and wrinkled or depressed without elasticity.
anetodermal (adjective), more anetodermal, most anetodermal