demono-, demon-, -demonic, -demon, -demonical, -demoniac, daemono-, -daemonic, -daemonical, -daemon, -daemoniac, -daemonia, -daemoniacally, -daimon, -daimonic +

(Greek: devil, demon [evil spirit]; an intermediary spirit between gods and men which could be good or evil)

Anyone who denies the existence of demons or the Devil.
agathodemon, agathodaemon; agathosdemon, agathosdaemon (s) (noun); agathodemons; agathodaemons; agathosdemons; agathosdaemons (pl)
1. In Greek religion, a good divinity or genius and a deity of good fortune, sometimes in the form of a serpent: Primitive Greek belief sometimes regarded domestic snakes as agathodemons, the reincarnations of ancestors as spirits friendly to the household. An antonym of "cacodemon".
2. In Hermetic literature, a being regarded in part as a divinity, in part as a traditional teacher: He, the agathodemon, received a libation of pure wine at the end of each meal. In Hellenistic, and in later times, he was associated with Tyche, the goddess of luck, as a somewhat impersonal providence. He also has been portrayed as a serpent or as a young man with a horn of plenty and a bowl in one hand and a poppy and ears of corn in the other hand.

agathodemonic (adjective) (not comparable)
Regarding a good beneficent divinity: Susan read in her story book that an agathodemonic spirit would be awaiting the orphan at the end of her journey.
antidemoniac (adjective), more antidemoniac, most antidemoniac
Regarding anything effective against evil spirits: Jane decided to plan an antidemoniac protest march to contend against evil supernatural beings that some people still believed in.
cacodaemonomania (s) (noun), cacodaemonomanias (pl)
An obsession that someone is convinced that he or she is inhabited by a demon, or possessed of and controlled by a devil or some other evil spirit.
cacodemon, cacodaemon (s) (noun); cacodemons, cacodaemons (pl)
An evil spirit or a devil: Jim's teenage daughter, Maxine, woke up crying after having a particularly scary dream about cacodemons, apparently because of the horror movie she had been watching on TV that evening.
A condition whereby a person is believed to be possessed by an evil spirit.
cacodemoniac (s) (noun), cacodemoniacs (pl)
Someone who is controlled by an evil spirit: It was only a few hundred years ago when cacodemoniacs; especially, women were burned at the stake by those who thought they were malicious demons.
A reference to, or relating to, evil spirits.
1. A reference to an evil, or bad, spirit, devil, or demon.
2. Relating to, involving, or resembling demons; demoniac.
cacodemonomania (s) (noun), cacodemonomanias (pl)
An abnormal mental condition in which the patient claims to be possessed by an evil spirit or demon: The psychiatrist was trying to cure Ashton of his cacodemonomania before he became too delusional and might kill himself.
1. A mythological being that is part-god and part-human.
2. A mythological guardian spirit or a spirit that is supposed to take care of a person or place.
3. A piece of computer software that carries out background tasks; such as, filtering or debugging, at fixed intervals or in response to specific events.
4. One of the evil spirits of traditional Jewish and Christian belief.

"A daemon and a demon are not one and the same thing. It is daemon, in its Platonic sense of a being intermediary between gods and men, not demon with its Judaeo-Christian import of an unclean, evil, or malignant spirit that we must keep in mind."

Webster's New International Dictionary 2nd Ed., by J.L. Lowes;
Springfield, Massachusetts: G. & C. Merriam Co., 1950.
1. Befitting a demon; fiendish.
2. Motivated by a spiritual force or genius; inspired.
daemonophobia, demonophobia (s) (noun); daemonophobias, demonophobias (pl)
An intensive fear of demons, such as evil spirits, goblins, etc.: Some people are still obsessed with daemonophobia in their dreams concerning witches and ghosts and, as a result, wake up suddenly in terror.

People who suffer from demonophobia have an immense terror of being strongly influenced or controlled by those wicked non-human creatures to commit terrible acts.

The practice of magic with the help of demons.