demono-, demon-, -demonic, -demon, -demonical, -demoniac, daemono-, -daemonic, -daemonical, -daemon, -daemoniac, -daemonia, -daemoniacally, -daimon, -daimonic +

(Greek: devil, demon [evil spirit]; an intermediary spirit between gods and men which could be good or evil)

A daemonic nature, or like a daemon or possessed by a daemon; specifically, having extraordinary genius.
A means, or process, of expelling a demon.
The rule or dominion of a demon.
Believed to be possessed by a demon, devil, or evil spirit; insane.
demoniacal (di MAHNIK uhl) (adjective), more demoniacal, most demoniacal
Characteristic of an evil spirit or conveying a bad nature: When Brian's daughter accidentally knocked her glass of milk over on the table during breakfast, her father's demoniacal reaction of yelling at her about messing up things made her cry and run into her mother's arms.
Relating to being devilish or possessed by an evil spirit.
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1. Referring to a source, or agent, of evil, harm, distress, or ruin.
2. Characterized as an attendant power or spirit.
3. Relating to a supernatural being of Greek mythology or an intermediate between gods and men.
4. A reference to someone that has exceptional enthusiasm, drive, or effectiveness; such as, a demon for work.
The state of being possessed by a demon or by demons.
1. Relating to, or resembling, a demon; especially, in wickedness.
2. A reference to being intense, frantic, or wild; as if, driven or possessed by a demon.
Demon-worship or demonolatry.
1. To cause someone, or something, to appear evil or threatening in the eyes of others.
2. To turn into a demon or to make demonlike.
3. To subject to the influence of demons.
demonocracy (s) (noun), demonocracies (pl)
1. The rule of demons who are causing troubles and bad experiences for its citizens.
2. The current form of government in the United States, as defined by the complete absence of debate of actual issues in favor of demonizing ones opponents: President Donald Trump is considered by some people to be leading a demonocracy with his behavior and public statements.
demonolater (s) (noun), demonolaters (pl)
Someone who worships demons.
demonolatry (s) (noun), demonolatries (pl)
The worship of demons; demon worship.
1. A reference to a belief in, or worship, of demons.
2. A list, or catalog, of one's enemies.
1. Descriptive of the study of demons or superstitions about demons.
2. Characterized by the doctrine of demons.