dactylo-, dactyl-, dactylio-, -dactyl, -dactyla, -dactylia, -dactylic, -dactylism, -dactyloid, -dactylous, -dactyly

(Greek: finger, toe)

The congenital absence of all or part of one or more fingers or toes.

This term is used for a range of conditions from aphalangia (in which some of the phalanges or finger bones are missing), to adactyly, adactylia (the absence of a digit or toe), transverse terminal aphalangia (absence of the last bone in the finger or toe), and acheiria (total absence of one or both hands).

ectrosyndactly, ectrosyndactylia
The developmental absence of one or more digits and fusion of the remaining digits on the same hand or foot.
heptadactylia (s) (noun), heptadactylias (pl)
The presence of seven digits on the hands or the feet: "Floyd had an abnormal heptadactylia of fingers on his left hand while the other hand had a normal pentadactylia of fingers."
heptadactylism (s) (noun), heptadactylisms (pl)
Having seven digits on a hand or a foot: "When a person has heptadactylism, then he or she has seven fingers on one or both hands, instead of the normal five fingers on each hand; and seven toes, instead of the normal five toes on one foot or on both feet."
Having the toes, or one of them, irregular or abnormal, as certain families of birds.
Having two toes pointing forward and two toes pointing backward; such as, with certain birds.
Similar to zygodactyly; except that digits three and four point forward and digits one and two point to the back.

This is only found in trogons (birds that peck holes in trees to make their nests). They are residents of tropical forests, particularly in South America.

A multiplicity of fingers, or toes, in which there are six digits on hands or feet.
Polydactyly in which there are six digits on a hand or a foot.
Having many fingers, or toes, usually with reference to a condition wherein there are six digits on a hand or a foot; or on both hands and feet.
The presence of extra, or an excessive number of, fingers or toes.
The presence of too many fingers and/or toes.
An excess of digits; such as, in the extremely rare condition when a person has six (or more) fingers on any one hand or six (or more toes) on a foot.
The absence of, or partially missing of, fingers and/or toes at birth.
The congenital absence of part, or all, of one or more fingers or toes.

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "toes" and "fingers": digit-; hallu-; phalang-.