dacryo-, dacry- +

(Greek: tear, tears; as from a tear-gland or the tear-glands in the eyes)

1. Absence of tears; tearlessness.
2. Insufficiency of lacrimal secretions.
conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy (s) (noun), conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomies (pl)
1. A procedure for providing lacrimal drainage when the canaliculi are closed; plastic tubes are inserted that extend from the conjunctival sac to the nose.
2. Etymology: from Latin coniungere (conjunctiva) + Greek dakryon, "tear" + Greek kustis, "cyst" (sac containing a gaseous, liquid, or semisolid substance) + Greek ris, rhin-, "nose", + Greek stoma, "mouth".
conjunctivodacryocystostomy (s) (noun), conjunctivodacryocystostomies (pl)
1. A surgical procedure through the membrane that coats the inner areas of the eyelids, which provides an opening into the lacrimal (tear) sac.
2. Etymology: from Greek conjunctiva + Greek dakryon, "tear", + Greek kystis, "sac", + Greek stoma, "mouth".
dacryadenalgia, dacryoadenalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in a lacrimal gland: When at the ophthalmologist's clinic, Lynn was told that she had a case of dacryadenalgia affecting a gland in the outer corner of her eye that produces tears. Ruth's eyes were hurting her and at the opthamologist's office she was diagnosed with dacryoadenalgia, which affected the glands that secrete tears.
Inflammation of the lacrimal gland.
dacryagogatresia, dacryo-agogatresia (s) (noun); dacryagogatresias; dacryo-agogatresias (pl)
The occlusion of a duct of the lacrimal gland: Linda's left eye was hurting her, so when she went to the ophthalmologist's for her appointment, she was told that she had a case of dacryagogatresia, or a closure or blockage of a tear duct, which could be treated.
dacryagogic (adjective), more dacryagogic, most dacryagogic
Concerning the stimulation of the production of tears: Dr. Thompson gave Meg some medicine to increase the dacryagogic activity in both of her eyes.
dacryagogue (s) (noun), dacryagogues (pl)
Am substance that activates tear formation: When Jane went to see her ophthalmologist, she was told that she needed some dacryagogue to stimulate the secretion of tears in her eyes because they were much too dry.
Inflammation of the lacrimal sac.
Ulceration of the lacrimal drainage system.
A condition of alternating between crying and laughing.
dacryoadenectomy (s) (noun), dacryoadenectomies (pl)
An operation to cut out a lacrinal gland: A dacryoadenectomy is the surgical removal or excision of the gland that secretes tears in an eye.
dacryoadenitis (s) (noun) (no pl)
Inflammation of the lacrimal gland: Serious dacryoadenitis illnesses are normally caused by a bacterial or by a viral infection, for example by mumps or by the staphylococcus bacteria.
dacryoblennorrhea (s) (noun), dacryoblennorrheas (pl)
1. Chronic discharges of mucus from a lacrimal (tear) ducts.
2. Mucopurulent or mucoid discharge from the lacrimal drainage system.
1. Inflammation of the lacrimal ducts.
2. Inflammation of the lacrimal sac and lacrimal canaliculi (passages between the punctum and the sac).

Related "tear, tears; as in crying" word unit: lacrimo-.