cyrt-, cyrto-, kyrt-, kyrto- +

(Greek: bent, curved)

Crookedness of the upper limb.
The record produced by a cyrtometer or an instrument registering chest wall excursions (movements of the chest wall in respiration).
Having the curvature or shape of a hump.
An instrument used for delineating or measuring the dimensions of curved surfaces of the body; especially, of the chest and head.
A condition in which one has high arches.
cyrtosis; kyphosis
1. Any abnormal curvature of the spine or of the extremities (arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.).
2. A bony deformity.
3. A viral disease of the cotton plant, characterized by stunted and distorted growth.
Having a vertebral column in which the lumbar curvature is ventrally convex.
An apparatus for measuring and recording the curvatures of the thorax.
An instrument for measuring curvature or deformity of the vertebral column in kyphosis (posterior curvature of the thoracic spine usually the result of a disease).
An abnormally wide curvature of the chest wall.
trachelocyrtosis, trachelokyphosis
An abnormal curvature of the cervical portion of the spine.
trachelocyrtosis, tuberculous spondylitis
Tuberculous infection of the spine associated with a sharp angulation of the spine at the point of the disease.