cymo-, cym-, cymo- +

(Greek: wave; sprout)

cymograph (s), cymographs (pl) (noun forms)
A scientific instrument consisting of a rotating drum holding paper on which a stylus traces a continuous record (as of breathing or blood pressure).
cymography, kymography (s) (nouns)
The use of a cymograph to record oscillating motion: "The technician used cymography to record the movements of the body organs."
cymometer (s), cymometers (pl) (noun forms)
An instrument for showing and measuring wave motion; specifically, an instrument for determining the frequency of electric wave oscillations, especially, as it applies to wireless telegraphy: "The researcher used a cymometer so he could measure the frequency of electric waves."
cymophobic (adjective), more cymophobic, most cymophobic
An abnormal fear of sea swells or ocean waves: Sheryl was afraid to get on a boat because of her cymophobic condition which always resulted in uncontrollable terror.
cymophone (s), cymophones (pl) (noun forms)
The sound of the sea or ocean waves: "Whenever they went to the beaches at night, they concentrated on the cymophones they could hear that were coming from the ocean."
cymoscope (s), cymoscopes (pl) (noun forms)
A device for detecting the presence of electric waves: "The influence of electric waves on the resistance of a particular kind of electric circuit, on the magnetization of steel, on the polarization of an electrolytic cell, or on the electric condition of a vacuum has been applied in the various cymoscopes."
cymotrichous (adjective)
Having wavy hair or curly hair or curly headiness: "The cymotrichous boy had his hair cut short so it wouldn't be so curly."
cymotrichy (s) (noun)
Smooth, wavy, and curly hair: "His cymotrichy was the envy of many women and even some other men."
kymophobia, cymophobia (s) (noun); kymophobias, cymophobias (pl)
A panic regarding waves that may be related to a fear of motion, water, or of landscapes in which water flows or waterfalls are prominent: Whenever Debbie went to the beach or was near a cascade or river, her kymophobia completely diminished any possible pleasure from seeing them or being near them.
roentgen cymography (or) roentgen kymography (s) (nouns)
An roentgenographic technique for recording on a single X-ray film the extent and rate of movements of the borders of an organ or structure in the body.