agrosto-, agrost- +

(Greek: wild grass; grass)

agrostographer (noun), agrostographers (pl)
Someone who writes about grasses.
agrostographic (adjective), more agrostographic, most agrostographic
A reference to or a description of grasses.
agrostography (s) (noun), agrostographies (pl)
A unit about various kinds of grasses.
agrostologist (s) (noun), agrostologists (pl)
Someone who is skilled in the study of grasses.
agrostology (s) (noun)
1. That part of botany that deals with grasses; graminology.
2. A division of systematic botany concerned with the study of grasses.

Grass is a form of plant life that first grows under your feet and then over your head.

—Evan Esar
1. A very common plant with thin green leaves that covers the ground.

A single piece of grass is called a blade of grass.

2. A low green narrow-leafed plant that grows in fields and gardens, is eaten by animals; such as, cows, sheep, and some other herbivores.
2. An area used to make lawns, sport's fields, or pastures.