curvi-, curv-

(Latin: crooked, bent; curved)

ahead of the curve (s) (noun); ahead of the curves (pl)
Thinking forward of a trend or trends.
behind the curve (s) (noun), behind the curves (pl)
Slow to react to something that is about to happen.
curvaceous (adjective), more curvaceous, most curvaceous
Descriptive of a well-rounded and attractive female figure: The dress designer wanted to have curvaceous models to wear his newest creations at the upcoming fashion show during the grand opening of the department store.
A well proportioned feminine figure.
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A well proportioned feminine figure with pronounced curves.
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curvate (verb), curvates; curvated; curvating
Etymology: from Latin curvare, "to bend, to turn".
curvated (adjective), more curvated, most curvated
curvature (s) (noun), curvatures (pl)
1. A bending or turning of an object; especially, an abnormal one: Max has a distorted curvature of his spine.

The geologists were researching the curvature of the earth's surface.

2. Etymology: from Latin curvatura, "a bending"; from curvatus, "crooked, bent, curved".
curve (s) (noun), curves (pl)
1. A continuously bending line that has no straight parts or angles: Karl had to slow his car down while he was driving around the curves in the road.

A simple curve is one in which no two points come together, except possibly, the end points; for example, a circle is a simple closed curve.

2. Etymology: from Latin curvare, "to bend, to twist, to turn".
curve (verb), curves; curved; curving
To bend in a circular direction: The highway curved to the right and to the left as Jill was driving around a mountainous road.
curved (adjective), more curved, most curved
Conveying a rounded or bending shape.
curvey (adjective), curvier, curviest
Descriptive of turns or of turning up and down or left to right.
curvilineal (adjective), more curvilineal, most curvilineal
Relating to a line or lines that turn.
curvometer (s) (noun), curvometers (pl)
An instrument or device used to measure the length of a curve.
to pitch or to throw someone a curve (verb) (no other tenses)
To surprise someone, usually with an unexpected and unwelcome question or a sudden response.