cura-, cur-

(Latin: care, heal, cure; care for, give attention to, to take care of)

incurably (adverb), more incurably, most incurably
1. Descriptive of how an ailment is impossible to remedy: After Dr. Smith made his diagnosis, he told Mrs. Johnson that she was incurably ill and had only a few more years to live.
2. Characteristic of how a person is hopelessly incorrigible: Kitty always seemed to be such an incurably optimistic and happy person.
incurious (adjective), more incurious, most incurious
insecure (adjective), more insecure, most insecure
insecurely (adverb), more insecurely, most insecurely
insecurity (s) (noun), insecurities (pl)
insurable (adjective), more insurable, most insurable
Capable of being covered by a financial protection agency: All the staff members and administration of the school are insurable against accidents occurring on the school grounds during school hours.

Lynn was told that her violin was insurable against fire and loss.

insurance (adjective) (not comparable)
A descriptive term that is used to indicate various kinds financial protection against loss, harm, etc.: There are several applications of this modifier: insurance broker, insurance premium, insurance agent, insurance adjuster, insurance claim, insurance company, insurance coverage, insurance adviser, and insurance benefits are just a few of the possibilities.
insurance (s) (noun), insurances (pl)
insure (verb), insures; insured; insuring
insured (adjective) (not comparable)
insured (s) (noun), insureds (pl)
Someone who is covered by a protective contract that indemnifies him or her against loss of property, life, health, etc.
insurer (s) (noun), insurers (pl)
manicure (s) (nouns), manicures (pl)
A cosmetic treatment of the fingernails, including shaping and polishing: There are many places in the world where manicures are provided by studios or neighborhood individuals.
manicure (verb), manicures; manicured; manicuring
1. To trim, clean, and polish: Henry's wife had an appointment to get her hair done and to get her fingernails and her toenails manicured.
2. To clip or to trim evenly and closely: The gardener's job was to manicure Gertrud's hedge every two weeks during the summer.
manicurist (s) (noun), manicurists (pl)
1. Usually a beautician or someone who specializes in giving treatment of the fingernails; including, shaping and polishing: There are people who go to manicurists regularly for treatment of their fingernails and, sometimes, even for other conditions of their hands.

Someone once wrote that we should remember that only manicurists are literally making money "hand over fists".

2. Etymology: "a person who professionally treats hands and fingernails" which came from French manicure; literally, "the care of the hands"; from Latin manus, "hand" + cura, "care, treatment".