culci-, culici-, culc-

(Latin: gnat, mosquito)

Culex (Culex)
1. A genus of mosquitoes found worldwide but more frequently in tropical areas. It includes over 2,000 species, many of which serve as vectors for a wide variety of diseases of humans, animals, and birds, including many arbovirus diseases and forms of avian malaria.
2. From Latin (akin to celer swift, cellere to impel, Greek kellein to drive on), a flea.
A family of the order Diptera, suborder Neatocera, which comprises the mosquitoes. It is divided into the subfamilies Culicinae, Anophelinae, and Toxorhynchitinae.
Lethal to mosquitoes, especially culicine mosquitoes.
culicide, culicicide
An agent that kills mosquitoes, especially culicine mosquitoes.
A repellent of mosquitoes and gnats.
A subfamily of the mosquito family Culicidae. It includes medically important genera; such as, Culex and Aedes.
culicine: mosquitoes
1. Characteristic of mosquitoes.
2. From the Culicidae family, mosquitoes that are a cosmopolitan family of small dipteran insects (flies) of primary medical and veterinary importance which comprise about 3 000 species.

Adults have piercing proboscis [noses] for feeding on nectar (males) or blood (females). Their larvae are aquatic, living suspended beneath the surface film of various water places. Some species transmit pathogens causing malaria, yellow fever, filariasis (caused by filarial worms), and dengue (an infectious tropical disease that is characterized by severe pains in the joints and back, with fever, and rash).

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Culicoides (Culicoides)
A genus of tiny (0.6 to 5 mm long), fiercely biting gnats or midges of the family Ceratopogonidae. Some species are vectors of the nonpathogenic human filariae Dipetalonema perstans and Mansonella ozzardi, of Onchocerca of horses and cattle, and various viruses of domestic sheep and of fowl.
A dermatitis caused by the bites of Culex mosquitoes. The dermatitis is not transmitted by a bite but is a direct consequence of the inflammatory changes induced by many bites.
Culiseta (Culiseta)
A genus of culicine mosquitoes. Nine species of the genus are found in North America. These mosquitoes are often domiciliated and are pests of cattle and horses. Also called Theobaldia (the former name).