agri-, agrio-, ager

(Greek > Latin: fields; wild, savage; living in the fields, via ager, agri.)

agrarian, agrarians
1. In Roman history, relating to the land: epithet of a law (Lex agraria) for the division of conquered lands.
2. Relating to, or connected with, landed property.
3. Of, relating to, or connected with, cultivated land, or its cultivation.
4. In botany, growing wild in the fields; also, name proposed for the lowest of the altitudinal zones of vegetation, within the limits of the cultivation of corn.
A movement for the equal division of landed property and for the promotion of agricultural interests.
The establishment of agriculture; the formation and spread of a system structured around the domestication of plants.
1. Relating to agricultural or rural matters.
2. Intended to further agricultural interests: "He wrote about the lobbyists who had an agrarianly advantageous bill for big agricultural businesses."
1. The group of industries concerned with the processing and distribution of agricultural produce or with farm machinery and services.
2. Agriculture conducted as a modern business, especially making use of advanced technology; a farm run in this way.
3. Larger corporate entities of agriculture as oposed to smaller family-run operations.
A waxy or resinous coating of organic material found on soil particles.
A chemical or chemical product used (or produced) in agriculture; such as, a pesticide or herbicide.
Chemicals used in agriculture.
Tillage of the ground; husbandry; the practice of agriculture.
A husbandman; a rustic.
A cultivator of the soil; an agriculturist.
agricolous (adjective), more agricolous, most agricolous
Living in fields.
An agriculturist; a farmer.
Agriculture, farming.
agricultural (adjective), more agricultural, most agricultural
1. Relating to or used in or promoting agriculture or farming; "agricultural engineering"; "modern agricultural (or farming) methods"; "agricultural (or farm) equipment"; "an agricultural college".
2. A reference to rural matters; "an agrarian (or agricultural) society"; "farming communities"; also, agrarian, farming.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "land, ground, fields, soil, dirt, mud, clay, earth (world)": agra-; agrest-; agro-; argill-; choro-; chthon-; epeiro-; geo-; glob-; lut-; myso-; pedo-; pel-; rhyp-; soil-; sord-; terr-.