cruci-, crux

(Latin: cross, crosslike; from the gallows tree)

excruciatingly (adverb), more excruciatingly, most excruciatingly
excruciation (s) (noun), excruciations (pl)
The infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering: "Torture is an instance of being in a state of excruciation."
gamma cross section
The cross section for absorption or scattering of gamma rays by a nucleus or atom.
ionization cross section
1. The cross section for a particle or photon to undergo a collision with an atom, and so removing or adding one or more electrons to the atom.
2. An area in which the probability that an atom or ion will undergo ionization when it collides with a particle or photon of sufficient energy is measured.
reciprocal cross (s) (noun), reciprocal crosses (pl)
A genetic cross of two genotypes, or creatures, in which gender influences the outcome: "The reciprocal cross of a male horse with a female donkey results in a hinny, while the cross of a female horse with a male donkey results in a mule."
Rosicrucian (s) (noun), Rosicrucians (pl)
A Brother of the Order of the Rose Cross: "Jason's brother is a member of the Rosicrucian Order."

"Most members of modern groups designate themselves as Rosicrucians, including those of the Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis."

Via crucis. (Latin)
Translation: "The way of the Cross."

The Stations of the Cross, a devotion performed in succession in front of each of fourteen representations of episodes in the Passion of Christ.

Via crucis, via lucis. (Latin)
Translation: "The way of the Cross is the way to the light."