-agra, -agras

(Greek: in medicine, a painful seizure or sudden-acute pain; as, with gout)

Rheumatic, myalgic, or muscle pains in the arms or legs.
1. An eruption about the chin, caused by inflammation of the hair follicles of the beard; sycosis.
2. Sycosis (a pustular folliculitis [an inflammatory reaction in hair follicles; the lesions may have pus around the hairs], particularly of the bearded area).
myriagram (s) (noun), myriagrams (pl)
A unit of measure equivalent to 10,000 grams or ten kilograms.
A toothache thought to be of gouty origin.
Pain in the shoulder from gout.
Sudden pain in an eye or eyes.
pellagra, pelagra (s) (noun); pellagras; pelagras (pl)
1. An infection characterized by gastrointestinal disturbances, erythema (redness of the skin due to capillary dilatation, particularly of exposed areas) followed by desquamation (the shedding of the cuticle in scales or of the outer layer of any surface), and nervous and mental disorders: Pellagra may occur because of a poor diet, alcoholism, or some disease causing impairment of nutrition. Pellagra is commonly seen when corn (maize) is a main nutrient in the diet resulting in a deficiency of niacin.
2. An endemic disease often attributed to eating diseased maize: Pellagra is found frequently among the peasantry of Southern Europe, especially in Lombardy.

The symptoms of pellagra are a reddening of the skin, which dries and cracks, and the epidermis that peels off in bran-like scales. The digestive organs and central nervous system can be affected. Pellagra can end in insanity.

1. Gout in the feet; by extension, gout generally.
2. Severe pain in the foot, especially that of typical gout in the great toe.
Pain in the anal area.
Pain in the spine; spinal gout.
A gouty or rheumatic affection of the muscles of the neck, producing torticollis (a contraction, often spasmodic, of the muscles of the neck, chiefly those supplied by the spinal accessory nerve; the head is drawn to one side and usually rotated so that the chin points to the other side).

Cross references related to "pain, hurt; suffering, injury" word families: algesi-; algo-; angina-; dolor-; Masochism; noci-; odyno-; poen-; pono- (toil, work; pain); Sadism.