cremno-, cremn-; kremno-, kremn-

(Latin: an overhanging bank, precipice, cliff, crag)

Precipitous, craggy.
A protrusion of intestine into the labium majus (one of two rounded folds of integument forming the lateral boundaries of the pudendal cleft).
Greek kremnos, "overhanging cliff" plus kele, "hernia".
A compulsion to climb cliffs.
cremnophilous (adjective), more cremnophilous, most cremnophilous
Pertaining to the existence of life forms on cliffs: Some cremnophilous birds that prefer living on maritime cliffs are colonies of seabirds.
cremnophobia (s) (noun), cremnophobias (pl)
An abnormal, or morbid, dread of steep cliffs: Cremnophobia is obviously related to the horror of heights and of falling.

Some people who are afflicted with cremnophobia feel as if they have suddenly found themselves on the edge of a precipice with a roaring wind.

Frequenter of steep places.
Precipice, crag, overhanging wall or bank.

The Kremlin is the historical, spiritual and political heart of Moscow and the city's most famous landmark and tourist attraction. This well-known spot stands at the confluence of the Moscow and Neglinaya Rivers on Borovitsky Hill, named after the pine forests (bor in Russian) that used to cover it.

The word "kremlin" means simply "fortification" or "citadel" in Russian, and is thought to derive from either the Ancient Greek words kremn or kremnos, meaning a steep hill above a ravine, or the Slavonic term kremnik, meaning thick coniferous forest, which is the likely material from which the original fort was constructed.

philocremno (s) (adjective), more philocremno, most philocremno
A reference to the fondness for steep rocks or cliffs: Mountain goats possess a philocremno existence and are especially attracted to ridges, cliffs and sheer precipitous places at high elevations.