(Latin: burn [fire])

concremation (s) (noun), concremations (pl)
The act of burning different things together.
cremains (pl) (noun)
1. That which remains after a body has been prepared for burial by cremation.
2. Etymology: a contraction of cremated + re mains.
cremate (verb), cremates, cremated, cremating
1. To burn or to consume something by fire.
2. To burn a dead person's body, sometimes as part of a funeral ceremony.
cremation (s) (noun), cremations (pl)
1. The burning of a dead body to ashes.
2. The action of burning or cremating; specifically, the reduction of a corpse to ashes as a way of disposing of it in lieu of interment; an instance of this practice.

The psychic viewpoint regarding cremation

Cremation is the process of using fire to burn the corpse shortly after death to purify the atoms of the physical body from the dross negative thoughts impinged within.

Cremation frees the soul-mind more quickly from the magnetic pull of the bone and cell structure to allow the soul-mind to go about its new tasks in the etheric world (invisible space containing many kinds of life forms and many levels of intelligences, all of which are communicating psychiacally with mankind).

Cremation hastens the reduction of material elements of the physical body to the primal elements again.

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary;
June G. Bletzer; The Donning Company Publishers;
Norfolk, Virginia; 1986.
cremationist (s) (noun), cremationists (pl)
1. Someone who burns dead bodies.
2. A person who advocates cremation, or the burning of the dead, instead of the burial of the whole body in the ground.
cremator (s) (noun), cremators (pl)
A person who cremates or practices the cremation of corpses.
crematorial (adjective), more crematorial, most crematorial
Of or pertaining to a crematory or to cremation.
crematorium (s) (noun), crematoria (pl)
A building and/or furnace where dead bodies are incinerated.
crematory (s) (noun), crematories (pl)
1. A building that has a furnace for burning dead bodies; such as, a crematorium.
2. A place or establishment used for cremation; specifically, a mortuary for the incineration or cremation of corpses.
Crematory entrance: smoking or no smoking.
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This mortuary is providing people with a choice of having their family members cremated in either the "Smoking" or the "No Smoking" section of the crematory; as if that would make any difference.

incremable (adjective), more incremable, most incremable
A reference to anything which cannot be burned: In the fairy story that Hana was reading, the prince wore an incremable cloak made of flax when he went through the raging fires to his castle.
incremate (verb), incremates, incremated, incremating
To consume or reduce to ashes by burning, as a dead body; to cremate.
incremation (s) (noun), incremations (pl)
A burning; especially, the act of burning a dead body; cremation.

Cremation of Sam McGee poem. Special: Cremation of Sam McGee poem.

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