coxa-, coxo-, cox-

(Latin: hip [anatomy], hip-bone, hip joint)

coxa (KAHK suh) (s) (noun), coxae (KAHK see") (pl)
1. The hip or hip joint.
2. In zoology, the first segment of the legs on an insect, or other arthropod, joining each one to its body.
coxa magna (s) (noun), coxa magnas (pl)
A hip joint with an abnormally large femoral head which is part of the long bone in the thigh that goes from the hip joint to the knee.
coxagra (s) (noun) (no pl)
In pathology, pain following the sciatic nerve: Jane felt a pain in the hip, and since it didn't go away, she went to see her doctor who said that it was a condition of coxagra and could affect her legs as well. .
coxal (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to the hip or the hip joint: Jack had a coxal disorder, and his doctor recommended that he get a new hip, otherwise he would continue to have pains and difficulties with walking.
coxalgia (s) (noun), coxalgias (pl)
Pain in the hip or a disease in the hip-joint: The elderly Mrs. Green suffered from a soreness and tenderness in her hip, and her favorite doctor told her that she had a condition of coxalgia.
coxankylometer (s) (noun), coxankylometers (pl)
An instrument or device that measures the degree of deformity in a diseased hip joint.
coxarthritis (s) (noun), coxarthritides (pl)
Inflammation of the connecting links of the hips: Unger was afraid that the coxarthritis he was developing in his hip joints would hamper his participation in the bicycle races.
coxarthropathy (s) (noun), coxarthropathies (pl)
A localized disease effecting the hip joints: As a result of his coxarthropathy, Astor was scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery the following month.
coxarthrosis (s) (noun), coxarthroses (pl)
A degenerative osteoarthrosis or the inflammatory cartilage in the joint-space of the hip.
coxitis (s) (noun), coxitides (pl)
Inflammation of the hip joint.
coxodynia (s) (noun), coxodynias (pl)
Pain in the hip joint: In addition to arthritis, coxodynia can occur because of osteoarthritis, a fracture, or a hip strain.
coxofemoral (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to or relating to the hip, or the hip bone, and the long bone of the thigh which goes from the hip joint to the knee joint.
coxotomy (s) (noun), coxotomies (pl)
A surgical operation on the hip joint.
coxotuberculosis (s) (noun), coxotuberculoses (pl)
An infectious disease of the hip joint.
merocoxalgia (s) (noun), merocoxalgias (pl)
A painful condition of the thigh and hip: Because old Mrs. Brown suffered from merocoxalgia, she couldn't walk very well and never to far and spent most of her time in a wheel chair.