cosmo-, cosm-, cosmico-, cosm, -cosmia, -cosmos, -cosmic, -cosmics, -cosmical, -cosmology, -cosms

(Greek: kosmos to cosmos; "world, universe"; from its "perfect order and arrangement"; to order, to arrange, to adorn; well-ordered, regular, arranged; skilled in adornment, which came into English as cosmetic.)

Referring to universal politics or interests.
World politics.
The state or character of that which is cosmopolitan.

A specific disregard of national or local peculiarities, prejudices, and attachments.

1. An exhibition of scenes from different parts of the world.
2. An exhibition in which a series of views in various parts of the world is seen reflected by mirrors through a series of lenses, with such illumination, etc., as will make the views most closely represent reality.
A reference to an exhibition of perspective pictures of different places in the world, usually world landmarks.

Careful illumination and lenses are used to give the images greater realism.

Referring to an organic cosmos (characterized by living things); such as, a cosmorganic evolution.
1. The universe considered as an ordered and integrated whole.
2. An ordered system or harmonious whole.
3. Harmony and order as distinct from chaos.
A microscopic journey through tiny universes or worlds.
A reference to, or description of, microscopic voyages through tiny universes or worlds.
cosmosophy (s) (noun), cosmosophies (pl)
An advanced learning or specialized concepts about the universe.
1. The material universe.
2. An apparatus for showing the position of the earth, at any given time, with respect to the fixed stars.

It consists of a hollow glass globe, on which are depicted the stars and constellations, and within which is a terrestrial globe.

Relating to, like, or pertaining to, both heaven and earth.
cosmotheism (s) (noun), cosmotheisms (pl)
1. The belief that identifies God with the cosmos or the universe.
2. The doctrine or belief that God is the universe and its phenomena (taken or conceived of as a whole) or the doctrine that regards the universe as a manifestation of God.
cosmotheist (s) (noun), cosmotheists (pl)
1. Someone who has the belief that relates God with the universe or the cosmos.
2. A person who adheres to the doctrine, or belief, that God is the universe or who regards the universe as an embodiment or symbolism of God.
cosmotheistic (adjective)
Characterized by the doctrine or belief that the universe is a materialized form of God.