corp-, corpor-, corpus-

(Latin: body, bodies)

bicorporal (bigh KOR puhr uhl), bicorporeal (bigh" kor POHR ee uhl) (adjective) (not comparative)
Having two distinct bodies or main parts.
corporal (adjective), more corporal, most corporal
A reference to the physical body: The use of corporal punishment is just one example of the use of the term.

Tom's school banned the use of corporal punishment several years ago.

There are many people who strive to develop better corporal conditions for themselves by eating more nourishing meals and exercising as much as possible.

A reference to the human body.
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corporality (s) (noun), corporalities (pl)
The existence of a physical body: The condition of Karen's corporality after the injury she suffered from a fall, astounded her doctor.
corporally (adverb), more corporally, most corporally
Descriptive of a person's body: From the time when he was 21 years old and on until he was 96, Jack LaLanne corporally strived to have a strong body, make a living as a physical fitness expert, invent exercise equipment, and be a TV host where he taught people to work to be physically strong and healthy.
corporate (adjective), more corporate, most corporate
1. Relating to a large company or group: Airlines are examples of corporate identity.
2. A company or group of people who are authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law: George is one of the most powerful men in corporate America.
3. A reference to being shared by all the members of a group: During his sermon, the minister of the church emphasized the corporate responsibility of each member of the congregation to help others and to live a proper life as Christians.
4. Etymology: from Latin corporatus, past participle of corporare, "to form into a body"; from corpus, corpor-, "‘body".
corporately (adverb), more corporately, most corporately
Relating to or descriptive of being formed into a unified organization of individuals: Jack was a manager of the corporately established company of publications of books for authors.
corporateness (s) (noun), corporatenesses (pl)
Having the qualities that are associated with large commercial organizations or their influences or controls: John worked for a corporateness which had been established 50 years ago and that is still a profitable body of business dealing with clothing for children, men, and women.
corporation (s) (noun), corporations (pl)
1. A body of workers and administrators who produce products for people who need or simply want them for a better life: Mary was the owner of a corporation that is selling computers, printers, and other related equipment to commercial businesses for their customers.
2. A large company, or group of companies, which are authorized to act individually: Ralph worked for a group of corporations that are involved in the sales of cell phones for communications that people can use at their homes and where ever they go away from their residences.
corporative (adjective), more corporative, most corporative
Relating to a government, or a political system, in which the principal economic functions; such as, banking, industry, labor, and government, function as single organizations or companies: Shirley is part of a corporative bank which is providing finances for a local mayor of her city to improve the streets with lanes so those who ride bicycles can do it safely.
corporeal (adjective), more corporeal, most corporeal
Descriptive, or characteristic of, the physical body which is the opposite of a spiritual or emotional one: A human or animal structure that is corporeal, exists in this real world and it is a fancy way of saying "bodily" or "physical".

It's like when a supervisor catches someone daydreaming at work and says, "You need to bring your mental sharpness, not just your corporeal presence to the job."

corporeally (adverb), more corporeally, most corporeally
Relating to a person's body, especially as opposed to his or her spirit: Jerome's corporeally good physical condition is a result of eating properly.
corporealness (s) (noun)noun) (usually no plural)
A body or something physical or tangible: When punishment is applied to a corporealness, it receives pain and extreme discomfort.

Another example of corporealness is tangible property as opposed to intellectual property.

corps (kohr) (s) (noun), corps (kohrz) (pl)
1. A group of people who are acting together or associated with each other for a special purpose: James was a member of the local press corps.
2. A branch of a military organization which is assigned to a particular kind of work: Ted's brother was a member of the U.S. Navy Medical Corps.
corpse (s) (noun), corpses (pl)
A dead body of a human being: A corpse of a homeless man was found on the street in the city.
corpulence (s) (noun), corpulences (pl)
A condition in which someone is overly fat or obese: Mark's corpulence was so great that he had to use a support with wheels under his big stomach to make it easier for him to walk around for exercise.
Fat man.
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