core-, coro-, cor- +

(Greek: pupil of the eye; kore, literally, "girl" to mean both "doll" and "pupil of the eye")

Measurement of eye pupil diameter.
The surgical reposition of a pupil into its normal position.
coreplasty, coreoplasty, coroplasty
1. Plastic surgery of the eye pupil, or pupils.
2. Any operation for forming an artificial pupil.
3. Surgical modification of the pupil of the eye.
1. Narrowing of the pupil of the eye.
2. Partial occlusion of the pupil as an anatomic variant.
corestenoma congenitum
1. Partial occlusion of the pupil prior to birth.
2. Partial congenital obliteration of the pupil by outgrowths from the iris that form a partial gridlike covering over the pupil.
Making of an artificial pupil through the iris.
Iridotomy or the incision of the iris, as when creating an artificial pupil.
The surgical displacement of the pupil to a transparent part of the cornea.
diplocoria (s) (noun), diplocorias (pl)
A situation in which there is a double pupil or a black round part in the middle in one eye or both eyes which cause irregularities that suggest a double vision: Diplocora, also called dicoria, occurs in an iris and may be inherited or the result of an injury or surgery.
The abnormal shape or form of the pupil of the eye.
Equality in the size of the pupils.
A condition in which a person has an abnormal width of the pupil, or pupils.
The presence of two or more pupils in one eye.
Constriction of the pupil of the eye.

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