cnem-, cnemo-, cnemi-; knem-, knemo-, knemi-

(Greek: the part of the leg between the knee and the ankle)

1. A condition characterized by atrophy of the muscles of the calves of the legs.
2. Congenital absence of the legs; especially, below the knees.
The shin or the front part of the leg below the knee.
brachycnemic, brachyknemic
Having short legs with the lower legs disproportionately shorter than the thighs or upper legs.
Referring to the shin bone or tibia; that is, the leg bone below the knee.

The tibia is the inner and larger bone of the leg below the knee. "It articulates with the femur and head of the fibula above and with the talus below."

Inflammation of the tibia or the leg below the knee.
On the inner side of the tibia.