clavi-, clav-

(Latin: key; to enclose, to comprise, to involve; to fit together, or to work together; pertaining to the collarbone [so named because of its keylike shape])

claviol (s) (noun), claviols (pl)
A musical instrument that is played from a keyboard by means of a rotary bow: "A musical instrument of the percussive group, the tones of which are produced by blows of hammers on stretched strings, and the hammers are operated from a keyboard."
clavioline (s) (noun), claviolines (pl)
An electronic keyboard instrument consisting of a keyboard and a separate amplifier and speaker unit: "The clavioline has been utilized in several recordings of popular music as well as in films."

"In the beginning, the clavioline was intended to be attached to the righthand underside of a piano by metal brackets; then, later, possibly in the the early 1960's, an adjustable stand became available."

clavipectoral (adjective)
A reference to, or pertaining to, the clavicle and the chest.
clavis (s) (noun), claves (pl)
A key: "A clavis is a key to, or an aid to the understanding of something difficult; such as, a cipher, or the study of a foreign or a classic author in another language."
clef (s) (noun), clefs (pl)
A symbol found on a musical staff (horizontal lines on which musical notes are written) that indicates the musical pitches indicated by the lines on the staff: "A clef is a symbol written at the beginning of a line of music to show the pitch of the notes or to show how high or low the musical notes are."
conclave (s) (noun), conclaves (pl)
1. A secret or confidential meeting: A conclave is a meeting of a group of people who discuss something privately.
2. In the Roman Catholic Church, a set of private rooms in which the cardinals meet to elect a new pope: The exclusive and closed conclave in the building is to be used by the bishops to decide who the next new head of the Catholic Church will be.
3. A meeting of family members or associates: The secretaries at the firm were in a conclave to plan a surprise birthday party for their boss, Mr. Chief, who had always been very nice and respectful towards them.
4. Etymology: "a place where cardinals meet to elect a pope"; from Italian conclave, from Latin conclave, "a room, a chamber suite"; "a room which may be locked"; from com-, "together" + clavis, "a key".

Conclave originates from the Latin expression cum clave, "with a key"; which emphasizes a seclusion and the need for a key to enter a meeting.

A private meeting.
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enclave (s), enclaves (pl) (nouns)
1. A country, or part of a country, that is lying wholly within the boundaries of another country: "An enclave of a country may have boundaries, making it clear that it is a distinct or a separate and different part from the larger territory that surrounds it."
2. A distinctly bounded area of a minority group living together within but apart from another culture which is enclosed within the larger unit: "There are several ethnic enclaves in the city; for example, China Town is an enclave in New York City and San Francisco."

"Many elderly people are living out their golden years in enclaves of retirement communities."

3. A place or a group which is different in character from those surrounding it: "The computer programmers in the company have their own enclave."
4. Etymology: from Late Lain inclavare, "to shut in, to lock up"; from Latin in-, "in" + clavis, "key".
exclave (s), exclaves (pl) (nouns)
That part of a country that is isolated from the main part and is surrounded by foreign or by politically alien territory: "An exclave is viewed from the position of the home country or countries without being surrounded."

"Alaska is an example of an exclave in that it is separated from the rest of the United States of America and West Berlin was once an exclave of West German because it was in former East Germany."

infraclavicular (adjective), more infraclavicular, most infraclavicular
Situated below or under the collar-bone.
menclave (s), menclaves (pl) (nouns)
A male-only meeting or group: "There are still many menclaves in the world that exist without female participants."
scapuloclavicular (adjective)
A reference to, relating to, or affecting both the scapula (shoulder blade) and the clavicle (bone extending from the breastbone (sternum) at the base of the front of the neck to the shoulder): "The scapuloclavicular articulation (joint) between the shoulder blade and the breastbone was causing Samuel pain."
sternoclavicular (adjective)
A reference to, relating to, or the connecting of the sternum and the clavicle.
subclavian (adjective), more subclavian, most subclavian
A reference to a body part that is under the clavicle or located under the collarbone clavicle (an elongated, slender, curved bone situated horizontally at the root of the neck, in the upper part of the thorax); such as, the subclavian vein, subclavian arteries, subclavian nerve, or subclavian muscle.
subclavicular (adjective)
A reference to the area below the clavicle.
supraclavicular (adjective)
Pertaining to that which is situated above the clavicle.