agari- +

(Greek > Latin: mushrooms or toadstools)

1. Relating to mushrooms or fungi.
2. A fungus with a large cap resembling an umbrella with numerous radiating gills on the underside. Some types are edible and some are poisonous
3. A preparation of rotten wood mixed with fungi or dried mushrooms.
agaric acid, agaricic acid, agaricin, larcic acid
A white, tasteless, odorless powder extracted from the fungus Polyporus officinalis.

It has been used to treat diarrhea, reduce bronchial secretions, and reduce night sweats.

1. Edible mushrooms.
2. A family of typically umbrella-shaped fungi in which the cap breaks cleanly from the stalk, which usually bears a ring.
3. Spore masses on gills dark colored when mature; found on the ground in grasslands and open woodlands.
An order of fungi that includes the umbrella like fungi with gills or pores on the under surface of the cap.
Agaric acid.
agaricoid (adjective), more agaricoid, most agaricoid
Referring to the fruiting body of a mushroom or a toadstool of the order Agaricales, whose fruit-bearing surface, the hymenium (a layer or fungal tissue containing the spores), forms a layer on the gills.
agaricole (verb), agaricoles, agaricoled, agaricoling: mushrooms
To live on mushrooms and toadstools.
agaricolous (adjective), more agaricolous, most agaricolous
A reference to species living on mushrooms and toadstools.
A genus of gilled fungi of the order Agaricales.