chremato-, chremat-

(Greek: acquisition of wealth by making money; transacting business to gain wealth; efforts made to possess goods and money; striving to be rich)

1. Someone who studies wealth.
2. A political economist.
1. Referring to the gaining, or acquisition, of money.
2. Engaged in obtaining, developing, or earning wealth or a reference to a business in the pursuit of wealth.
1. The study of money and how to acquire it or to disperse it.
2. Relating to wealth and how it is calculated by money.
A sexual perversion in which the necessary condition is that the relationship with the partner be on a monetary basis: the partner must charge the “client” or otherwise force him or her to pay for an intimate relationship, or must "rob" or "blackmail" him or her.

The term is sometimes broadened to include sellers as well as clients, e.g. “compulsive” hustlers and prostitutes.

chrematomania (s) (noun), chrematomanias (pl)
An obsessive desire for money or a significant preoccupation with creating wealth.
chrometophobia, chrematophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. An aversion of dealing with money: Since Sara had chrometophobia she had a financial assistant to help her with her investments.
2. A dread of wealth and the money associated with it: Samuel's mother willed him thousands of dollars before she died which caused him to have chrometophobia.