(Latin: tiredness, weary, weariness, exhaustion)

auditory fatigue (s) (noun), auditory fatigues (pl)
A decreased response to a steady tone or noise: A person perceives a sound as diminishing in loudness during an auditory fatigue.
defatigate (verb), defatigates, defatigated; defatigating
1. To make very tired or to greatly diminish one's energy: Running the marathon defatigated Carl and he had to sit down and catch his breath and rest until he could stand up again and walk to his car and drive home.
2. Etymology: from Latin defatogare. "to make tired".
defatigation (a) (noun), defatigations (pl)
A weariness and extreme tiredness: A defatigation is typically a result of abnormal mental or physical stresses or an illness.
emotional fatigue (s) (noun), emotional fatigues (pl)
A reaction to stress that is characterized by nervous exhaustion: Michael often had emotional fatigue because of the pressures that were put on him by his supervisor.
fatigue (s) (noun), fatigues (pl)
1. The condition of being very tired with extreme weariness: Jim and his family were overcome with by fatigue because of the long journey that they had been on.

A fatigue is a common complaint that is usually the result of overwork or a lack of sleep.

For some people, persistent fatigues are caused by depressions or anxieties.

2. The tendency of certain metals to crack or to break after being bent or moved often: The cracks in the engine of Sam's car were caused by metal fatigue.
3. The uniform that soldiers wear when they are doing some physical activities: The soldiers were wearing military fatigues while they were practicing military maneuvers at their military base.
fatigue (verb), fatigues; fatigued; fatiguing
To make another person, or other people, very tired and exhausted: The long hike up into the mountains fatigued the group of boy scouts and so they had to rest for awhile before going back to their camping area.
fatigue duty (s) (noun), fatigue duties (pl)
A nonmilitary work that is done by members of the armed forces: An example of fatigue duty is cleaning up the military camp or repairing roads that are used by the soldiers.
fatigued (adjective), more fatigued, most fatigued
A reference to extreme tiredness; typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness: Jim often left his job as a fatigued construction worker because of the intellectual and bodily stresses that he had to endure.
Exhausted and tired.
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flying fatigue (s) (noun), flying fatigues (pl)
A neurosis that occurs in pilots: Jet lag is one kind of flying fatigue that a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft have experienced.
indefatigability (s) (noun), indefatigabilities (pl)
A tireless determination to accomplish an assignment: Jerome showed his indefatigabilities as a reporter because he was persistent in getting the necessary facts about each subject he had heard about or was told to cover by his newspaper editor.
indefatigable (in" di FAT i guh buhl) (adjective), more indefatigable, most indefatigable
1. Relating to a person who never shows any indications of getting tired: Despite the fact that Frank had to work overtime to finish his project, physically he was in an indefatigable condition when he went home.

An indefatigable employee keeps on working until his job is done.

2. Characteristic of someone who is extremely persistent, untiring, and inexhaustible: The race car mechanics had indefatigable determinations as they strived to make the vehicles ready for tomorrow's competition.
3. Etymology: from Latin indefatigabilis; from in-, "not" + de-, "away, completely" + fatigare, "to wear out".
Pertaining to being never-tiring.
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A reference to being tireless and not being fatigued.
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indefatigably (adverb), more indefatigably, most indefatigably
Referring to someone who does not gives up his assignment until it is completed: As an auto mechanic, Brian indefatigably worked on his customer's car until it was ready to be picked up at the promised time.
indefatigation (s) (noun), indefatigations (pl)
The quality of being with greater stamina tireless or unweary : Ingrid is an example of indefatigation because she is a woman who has the ability to sustain prolonged physical and mental efforts and so she often works more hours than others in order to produce better results for her company.
industrial fatigue (s) (noun), industrial fatigues (pl)
Weariness that is caused by prolonged or excessive labor and which is exacerbated by monotony or by exposure to extreme working conditions; such as, heat or cold: An industrial fatigue may lead to lowered output, mistakes, and accidents by the workers.
stance fatigue (s) (noun), stance fatigues (pl)
A state of weariness or exhaustion that is produced by prolonged standing: When Janice and Harvey were waiting in a long line to vote, she started to suffer a stance fatigue and had to sit on the side of the walkway before she could continue to the voting booth.