(Latin: sickness caused by overindulgence of alcohol, food, etc.; drunkeness)

crapula (KRAHP yuh luh) (s) (noun), crapulas (pl)
A sickness or illness caused by unrestrained eating or consuming of alcoholic drinks: Because of her excessive ingesting habits, Lucy was ailing with crapula, making her feeble and sick over a long period of time and so she had to be taken to the hospital for extensive medical treatments.
crapulate (KRAHP yuh late) (verb), crapulates; crapulated; crapulating
To uncontrollably indulge excessively in fermented drinks and an unrestrained or reckless consumption of meals: During the festival in the old part of the city, many people crapulated themselves with beer and wine and lost control of themselves.
crapulence (KRAHP yuh luhns) (s) (noun), crapulences (pl)
1. An ailment or indisposition caused by an excessive gobbling of digestible meals and intoxicants: Thomas decided to go to the doctor and find out why he suffered from crapulence because his wife and children were suffering from this severe malady.
2. A negative result when intemperance causes physical misery as a result of a lack of restraint when devouring edibles and inebriating drinks: Shirley denied suffering from intoxication, or crapulence, which her neighbor mentioned a few times when they were together, and she tried to cover up the truth by telling falsehoods and not revealing much about her personal habits.
crapulent (KRAHP yuh luhnt) (adjective), more crapulent, most crapulent
Concerning someone who indulges excessively in alcoholic beverages or in unrestrained food consumption: Seeing her old school friend after 10 years, Jane could hardly recognize him because he was so crapulent and his face was completely round with a double chin!

Although the image refers to a corpulent person, it illustrates this crapulent entry.

Bulky, very fat from eating too much.
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crapulous (KRAHP yuh luhs) (adjective), more crapulous, most crapulous
1. Relating to someone who suffers from the effects of overindulgence in good food and, especially, alcoholic drinking: The doctor told Jim that he had a crapulous stomach which resulted from eating and consuming immoderate amounts of the wrong kinds of food and beverages and that he should definitely follow a strict dietary plan.
2. Etymology: from Late Latin crapulentus, "very drunk"; ultimately from Greek kraipale, "drunken headache, hangover".
A reference to being intemperate in eating or drinking liquor.
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crapulously (KRAHP yuh luhs li") (adverb), more crapulously, most crapulously
Descriptive of how people consume intemperately alcoholic beverages or food: Doctors are warning people to eat fresh and healthy foods and to restrain from the overindulgence of wine and beer, all of which can cause an extreme reduction of health, strength, vigor, and an overall good physical condition.
crapulousness (KRAHP yuh luhns nuhs") (s) (noun) (no plural)
A physical condition of being obese or intoxicated; drunkenness: There was much concern in the country about the crapulousness of a significant number of people, who evidently had little time to prepare healthy meals and were eating an enormous amount of junk food.