choreo-, chore-, chorei-, choro-, -choreatic, -chorea, -choreal, -choreic

(Greek: dance; involuntary movements; spasm; in medicine, it is used to reveal a nervous disorder either of organic origin or from an infection)

labiochorea (s) (noun), labiochoreas (pl)
Chronic involuntary contractions of the lips: Jeff couldn't be understood very well because he had labiochorea, a twitching of his lips that interfered with speech and caused him to stammer.
orchichorea (s) (noun), orchichoreas (pl)
Involuntary rising and falling movements of the testes: Orchichorea involves a twitching or jerking movement of a male reproductive gland.
pseudochorea (s) (noun), pseudochoreas (pl)
A disorder that is a spasmodic tic and similar to chorea: A pseudochorea is a somatoform complaint, or mental disorder, that only resembles chorea.