connect-, -connect-

(Latin: to bind; to link together; to tie together; close tightly and jointly)

disconnection (s) (noun), disconnections (pl)
1. Pertaining to a situation that has separate parts or units: There seemed to be a disconnection between the cord of the toaster and the power source because it wouldn’t work!
2. The act of discontinuing a unity: Susan felt a sense of disconnection when her parents moved to Maine from California where she still lived, and she wouldn’t see them until Christmas time.
3. The act of detaching two things; a disjunction: While talking on the phone, the conversation suddenly came to an end because of a disconnection with the telephone system.
interconnect (verb), interconnects; interconnected; interconnecting
To link with each other: The big double doors in the apartment interconnected with the kitchen, dining room, and balcony so that the rooms seemed to be much larger and spacious.

Sometimes different subjects in school interconnect with each other, like biology and physics, both of which have content-related topics.

interconnectable (adjective), more interconnectable, most interconnectable
A reference to anything that is joined to move in unison: Jason has interconnectable devices consisting of cables that are plugged into a switch to enable communication between different network systems.
interconnectable (adverb), more interconnectable, most interconnectable
Relating to how two or more components are linked in order to move simultaneously: The interconnectable power generators produce more energy than a single one.

The series of buildings where Sam's family is living were designed for all of the support functions that are necessary by using its network of interconnectable electronic and water systems.

interconnection (s) (noun), interconnections (pl)
A joining or combining of dissimilar objects or structures in a united arrangement: In telecommunications, an interconnection is the physical linking of one carrier's network with the equipment or facilities of another one which is not owned by the same organization.
reconnect (verb), reconnects; reconnected; reconnecting
1. To provide a service again after it has been cut off or lost: Pete and his neighbors had to call the company to get their electricity reconnected because the lightning storm had destroyed the electrical generator.
2. To rejoin or to relink something together: Sara had to reconnect the garden hose to the faucet before she could water her plants.
reconnection (s) (noun), reconnections (pl)
1. A bringing back together again: The surgeons made a reconnection of Mike's tendons after they were damaged in the car accident.
2. The re-establishment of a bond of communications or emotions: In order to keep their marriage healthy, Geraldine and Jeffrey had to make new reconnections that would make both of them happy to be together.